26 May 2021

Self help motivational speakers


There are many amazing self help motivational speakers that inspire and engage with their audiences, helping them find their inner confidence to begin their own journeys to success. Here are just a few self help motivational speakers that you should explore further into.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is one of the best self help motivational speakers as she is an extremely successful entrepreneur, mentor and businesswoman that continues to inspire those around her. She has won several awards and is continuously being recognised for her talents and her successes. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is also a motivational speaker in which she has successfully delivered many talks to different audiences sharing her knowledge on her keynote topics. As a motivational speaker, she has been able to share her knowledge on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up where she shares her from lessons that are also in her book, which explore the key steps and top tips into building your business from the start and how to build a successful credible online brand. This is just one of her popular keynote topics that she explores with her audiences as a motivational speaker. She has been able to inspire and encourage those around her to start their own paths as entrepreneurs. She is transparent in sharing her experiences, top tips, opinions and thoughts with others, hoping that it will inspire and motivate those into them taking their next steps. She engages with her audience and is able to leave them captivated and empowered regardless of their age which is why she is so successful and is one of the best self help motivational speakers to look out for and explore.


  1. Dame Kelly Holmes


Dame Kelly Holmes made history in the 2004 Olympic Games as she became the second British athlete to win 2 middle distance gold medals at the same game in over 80 years making her an excellent self help motivational speakers. However, her journey was not always filled with success and rewards but rather she faced a career with disappointments and injuries. But her determination and passion enabled her to achieve her lifelong dream. She is also one of the best self help motivational speakers as she has a unique style of presenting to her audiences that are tailored to the individuals needs and aims to help work with them to achieve their goals. She ensures to leave her audiences feeling inspired and exciting about their own futures, making her a popular motivational speaker.


These self help motivational speakers are incredible in their field and are excellent in speaking to a range of audiences and really knowing how to address them personally even if there are several hundred in a room. Their passion and motivation radiates in the room