26 May 2021

Top motivational speakers


There are many top motivational speakers that are successful in delivering strong speeches to their audiences are able to share their stories with a range of audiences. Top motivational speakers also are transparent in sharing their journey and ensure that they help those that attend through the advice, tips and tricks and stories that they share. Here are a few of the top motivational speakers.


  1. Ashley Banjo


Ashley Banjo is one of the top motivational speakers for many reasons. He is the founder and creator of Diversity dance group which is one of the most successful Britain’s Got Talent winning acts. The dance group won in 2009, under Ashley’s amazing leadership skills and continuous success. His motivational speeches as a keynote speaker include talking about leadership, talent management, innovation and creativity. His continuous ability to innovate is why he is so successful in his field and is a keynote speaker that helps inspire those around him. His continuous success and leading such a talented dance group is what makes him stand out and in demand for others to come and listen to. This is why he is one of the top motivational speakers.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is also one of the top motivational speakers as she is an extremely inspiring and motivational speaker, speaking about a range of different topics to her audiences and inspiring them along the way. One of her keynote topics include ‘Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business’. This is where she speaks about how you can create revenue from your social media, how to effectively manage your time and how to sell, grow and collaborate. She is definitely one of the top motivational speakers due to her successfully sharing her journey and expressing her passions. She helps those around her that may need that initial push in the right direction. She has spoken at many different events of all sizes and audiences and has time and time again delivered exceptional speeches that leave her audiences inspired.


To be one of the top motivational speakers you need to be confident and determined in your speech and be able to express your thoughts and opinions in a way that motivate and inspire your audiences.