01 May 2019

Let me begin with a question: what does it mean to be powerful? Although this may seem quite straightforward, I think it is actually quite a difficult question to answer. Often when thinking of the word powerful, people think about physical strength or muscle mass – I’m not thinking about that. When I think of […]

27 Apr 2019

Unfortunately, for many years, women were seen to be inferior to men. The common view was that women lacked both the physical and mental capacity that men had. This led to women not being able to receive education, or the right to vote. They were, as a result of this view, merely seen as people […]

25 Apr 2019

By definition, leadership is a practical skill, whereby an individual has the ability to lead a group of people, or an organization. In my opinion, motivational speakers often showcase their capacity for leadership by leading presentations for the masses – be they groups of students, or business leaders. Leadership is a vital quality for motivational […]

23 Apr 2019

In recent times, there have been a number of phenomenal World Famous Speakers who have dominated the motivational speaking world, inspiring millions of individuals to live productive and successful lives. These people deserve all the recognition and respect that comes with reaching such levels of fame. Here are 3 World Famous Speakers who have changed […]

21 Apr 2019

Being a Motivational Speaker is a consuming task; it takes early mornings and late nights. To instill passion and motivation in others, one must be overflowing in passion and motivation too. A hardworking nature is needed to pursue an independent career such as Motivational Speaking, but what exactly does it take to be a Motivational […]