17 Dec 2019

Are you and a business partner, spouse, family member or friend currently facing financial and money management problems? Why not sit together and catch up on the latest new series of “save well, spend better”. This series can be the ice breaker you need as talking about finances is often not easy. But sitting down with the person you are involved in finance with and watching “save well, spend better” can open up the discussion as the team of experts such as Bianca Miller Cole, author of the book “Self-Made” share their invaluable expertise with you to help you explore various options of money management.

“Save well, spend better” shows you real life scenarios people have found themselves in and their suggestions to address these debts that will benefit the individual the most. Watch the series now to see how addressing your issues bluntly and head on is the best way to start making a change to your finances.

Ensure you pay close attention to the voice over segments within the series as they help explain various options and situations in simpler terms. For example, Bianca Miller Cole’s voice over in episode one describes what a stocks and shares ISA is which a lot of people have little to no knowledge about.

So, get your preferred beverage ready, sit down and pay close attention to “save well, spend better” now and get those juicy financial conversations going. It can be life changing towards your finances, health and over all well-being.

16 Dec 2019

In June 2019, It was recorded that the average debt per adult in the UK is £31,232. That is a staggering amount and shows that debt affects all of us in the UK one way or another. Whether it is a phone contract you are paying, pay day loan or mortgage, It is easy to find yourself in debt. This is why experienced leaders of entrepreneurship and finance have come together to break down the solutions of debt and finance troubles for us to provide easily accessible ways of clearing our debt in channel 4’s series called “save well, spend better” by Firecracker films.

We see pioneers of finance such as Bianca Miller Cole sharing their wealth of knowledge whether it is in business or personal finance. The voice over within the series alone offers snippets of information that can help many with debt and finance troubles in the UK.

Are you aware of what a stocks and shares ISA is? Are you afraid of the stigma of bankruptcy? These hard-hitting truths and spotlight into your finances is the only way often debts can be resolved and plans can be made to turn your debts around and this is the epitome of what “save well, spend better” is.

So, it is time to face your finances head on. Catch up on “save well, spend better”. This series produced by firecracker films opens us up to discussions on how to deal with your finances. Bianca Miller Cole along with Ann wilson, Anna Williamson and Emmanuel Asuquo will help you to discover how you can improve your financial stability.

14 Dec 2019

Catch Bianca Miller Cole on Channel 4’s “save well, spend better”. The author of the best selling book “self-made” and the runner up of the apprentice shall be sharing her knowledge In order to help those who find they do not know what to do when it comes to getting rid of debts and making themselves financially stable.

“Save well, spend better” faces the hard truths about finances and shows how it can affect relationships, family life, businesses and health. Debt can affect all of us. It was recorded in June 2019 that in the UK alone 1.637 trillion pounds is owed by individuals. Debt is something we have to open up about and discuss more to prevent this number increasing. “Save well, spend better” provides vital easy information on various debt situations that you can do your own research into to see if it can be useful to you to address your debt.

With the speaker hosts such as Bianca Miller Cole, Ann Wilson, Anna Willaimson and Emmanuel Asuquo, you can learn from their depth of knowledge and acquire different techniques to help you “save well, spend better”.

We all know money discussions can be scary so face your fears now and catch up on the series “save well, spend better”. You will find the amazing voice overs provided by the speakers can simplify and make exploring various options to manage your finances easy.

13 Dec 2019

Worried about your finances? Find yourself in debt up to your ears? It may be worth watching Channel 4’s new series “Save well, Spend better”. Produced by firecracker films, this series will have you asking the tough questions about your finances and facing the reality of debt.

The speaker’s skills sets are ranging from life coaches to serial entrepreneurs such as Bianca Miller Cole. With their high levels of experience, they simplify options for various people in different situations, to show what it means to “save well and spend better”.

During Bianca Miller Cole’s voice over during the season. You can learn vital information such as the importance of keeping your business and personal finances separate as well as what a stocks and shares ISA is. So, ensure you listen to all of the voice over snippets on “save well, spend better” so you don’t miss out!

Why wait? Make sure you catch up on the amazing series of “save well, spend better” by firecracker films. The knowledge can be applied to those from different walks of life with information that very few get to hear but can save you hundreds and even thousands of pounds a year. Take the advice of serial entrepreneurs such as Bianca Miller Cole, listen to the voice over for your own free slices of wisdom and listen to the financial speakers during the series and see your money grow grow grow!

03 Dec 2019

She Means Busienss

I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker at the @facebook ” She Means Business” and Boost conference.

The team at Facebook asked me to talk about my personal journey and personal branding for high impact & funding! I only had 30 minutes to do it in but I made it into a high impact, high engagement and interactive talk!

I covered the evolution of my brand, the reason why personal branding is essential to ones business, the power of your profile, the impact your personal brand can have on funding opportunities AND how to set goals to support future business success and personal brand evolution!

Yes I know that is a lot in 30 minutes! I could speak about each of those topics for far longer. Judging by the amazing feedback I have received thus far across the socials it was well received!

Thank you to the 400+ people in the audience – you were fab!
You can watch highlights from my speech below by clicking on the play button!

03 Dec 2019


I was invited by @nespresso to attend a breakfast meeting to listen to the findings of the Workplace Futures Report. There were three things that stood out most for me about the future of our working environments;

1) Mental Health and Wellbeing – there is a clear change in our expectations at work – from employees and employers.

2) Hospitality – is becoming more important to our working environment and communication

3) Adapted working environments – where we work and how has changed.

To see my thoughts in full take a look here

And I would love to hear your thoughts on:

What does the future of work and workplaces look like for you?

What would you like to see implemented to make your work environment more conducive?
If you fancy watching a video of me talking about it then click here

19 Sep 2019
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Channel 4 has commissioned a bold new lifestyle series where people from all walks of life will have honest conversations about their financial dilemmas with their loved ones. Save Well, Spend Better will see sets of couples, families and friends meet at a specially constructed ‘Money Hub’, rigged with cameras, to have the frank and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about cash that they have been putting off. The 6-part series is produced in partnership with Lloyds Bank.

Contributors will open up to a team of four specialists who will give them practical advice to help rescue their finances and fix their relationships. Counsellor and life coach Anna Williamson (Celebs Go Dating, This Morning) presents the series, and will offer guidance to each pair entering the Money Hub alongside fellow experts award-winning entrepreneur and CEO Bianca Miller-Cole (The Apprentice 2014), financial adviser Emmanuel Asuquo, and global financial consultant and author of ‘The Wealth Chef’ Ann Wilson. The team will deliver advice for a variety of financial worries: from pensions and debt, to secret spending and relationships at breaking point.

Anna Williamson comments: “I want to take away the embarrassment and anxiety around money and get couples talking honestly about their finances to help fix their relationships”.

The 6 x 30 series is produced by Firecracker Scotland with Executive Producer Elspeth Ohare and will be filmed in Glasgow. The series has been commissioned for Channel 4 by Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor, Popular Factual and Timothy Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Features & Formats.

Casting is open for the programme. People hoping to find help with their money dilemmas can apply via www.channel4.com/takepart.




Article can be found here: https://www.channel4.com/press/news/channel-4-commissions-money-advice-series-save-well-spend-better

01 Jul 2019
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Piggy Bank

Saving the Pennys |GETTY

Building a business in the modern world can be hard due to the fierce competition in all industries. This competition often forces small-scale businesses, who lack funding, to shut down. We all know the commonly told statistic that around 90% of startup companies fail within their first few years. Although this may sound daunting, it does not mean that all innovators need to abandon their business dreams – quite the opposite really. Those individuals who are interested in the business world simply need to understand how much it costs to start up a business. By knowing the relative costs, they will be able to spend their money wisely and hopefully turnover more profits. This, in turn, ought to allow them to survive in this harsh business climate. Quite often we see businesses failing as they have failed to pay attention to the finer details. As such, I would like to explore the costs of these finer details which, more often than not, can determine the success or failure of a newly founded firm.

The first thing that any startup business will need is a good website and domain. A website enables you to provide a source of information about your company which is easily accessible for potential consumers. Moreover, a website is easily shareable therefore meaning that it can enable your business to gain more attention from all around the world. Quite often we see websites being created by Web Designers – individuals who specialize in creating attractive websites. These individuals are responsible for setting up, designing, building and maintaining your website. The best thing about such individuals is that they can give you a unique design which will make your website stand out. The downside is, however, that they can be quite expensive which can make life tough for startup business owners. According to Website Builder Expert, a web designer has the potential to charge you around $7000 in your first year, however in my experience a decent website for a start up is around £750-1500.

Alternatively, you may decide to use a website builder which is far cheaper. These sites offer you templates from which you can build your website and organise your content as you so please. The issue here is that you will be required to do more work, and your website could come across as far more generic and potentially less professional. Nonetheless, it could be a good strategy for individuals that are interested in bootstrapping in order to save as much money as possible and get the business going.

To read the full article, please click the following link below


25 Jun 2019

This month, as you know, I am looking at finance and how it affects various facets of our lives. Today, we look at how a new study from Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions, illustrates how our access to imports and public transport infrastructure could potentially affect our finances and hinder U.K. business growth.

Businesses that are scaling up are a key contributor to the country’s economic success. According to the ScaleUp Institute, a pool of fewer than 37,000 scale-ups currently contribute more than £1.3 trillion to the U.K. economy. To put this in context, the combined annual turnover of the U.K.’s 5.7 million SMEs is £1.9 trillion. As usual, with new analysis comes opportunities, challenges and learnings for businesses to heed for the benefit of the wider economic landscape.


Cargo dock with a lot of containers. Cargo dock with blue sky. Industrial world map icon symbol.

Cargo dock with a lot of containers. Cargo dock with blue sky. Industrial world map icon symbol.  GETTY

With the majority of business leaders believing that they should trade overseas to secure growth, it is no wonder that this new analysis demonstrating the importance of access to imports and good public transport infrastructure is a cause for concern.

Public Transport

The study, carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), found that a one percentage point increase in public transport use would result in 1,400 more businesses being able to scale over a 12-month period. A good public transport system means scale-ups can access talent based further away from their company’s offices, and with Wi-Fi increasingly available on public transport, this commuting time can be used productively.


To read the full article please click the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/biancamillercole/2019/06/24/2-issues-affecting-your-businesses-profitability-barriers-to-imports-and-poor-public-transport/#78c210cd7007

20 Jun 2019

Career success does not fall from the sky. Those who wish to move up the career ladder must not only take advantage of activities that drive recognition, they must also internalize a few principles that will enable them to take their career destiny into their own hands. Continue reading to find out more…

Soured from 'RawPixel' on Unsplash

Soured from ‘RawPixel’ on Unsplash


“What are you doing professionally?” – “Do you enjoy your area of work?” – “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” No doubt, these are a few the most frequently asked questions in our professional lives. Regardless of what industry you work in, be it hospitality, finance, consultancy, or manufacturing, to head any organisation, no matter the industry, you must work hard to get there.

Be a Boss

For many employees, the thought of being a boss can be both overwhelming and fulfilling. On the one hand, the rewards are very attractive. However, on the other hand, the responsibility for the day to day operations and decision-making lies solely on them. This is the reason why many employees who find themselves in leadership positions often become very rigid and authoritative.

However, a good boss understands the importance of treating your team with the same respect as that of a customer. You will then be in a better position to make sound and well-informed decisions for the interest of both the staff and customers. Effective, long-lasting relationships can only be built on mutual respect.

Practice Delegation

The day to day practice of delegation can be a tough nut to crack. The issue of trust is crucial to the success of any organisation, and as both an employee and colleague, the task is to encourage healthy relationships built on honesty. By delegating tasks with constructive criticisms, your team will not only begin to trust you but will also to be more efficient when delivering work.



“Even the geniuses still ask questions.” Yes, this is true. Never stop asking questions for further your understanding and knowledge of the company’s services, products or any other vital information that can assist with your career. This can improve your attitude towards solving problems and contributing immensely to the organisation’s development. Engaging with staff across the whole organisation will be of immense benefit to both you and the company in the long term.

You can read the full article by clicking the link here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/biancamillercole/2018/12/13/top-tips-to-reach-the-top-of-your-organisation/#6a507fdd6f17