06 May 2020

What is professional voice talent? Voice talent or voice over is also known as voice acting, which is common in radio, animated cartoons etc. Voice talent are those that are the voices behind the famous animated films you have watched, which have earned them millions. To become a professional and reach that level of doing voice overs for a popular animated movie or a famous brand commercial, experience is vital.


What type of voice over talent is there? There are different types including:

  • Voice over announcers – which are those you hear introducing segments of live television or radio shows. Examples include award shows, talent shows, talk shows or sporting events
  • Voice over narrators – these are voice over talent that take part in documentaries, education videos, business videos and audiobooks.
  • Voice actors – they are voice over actors you’ll hear in animated movies, cartoons and video games
  • Voiceover artists – are those that can change between those discussed above and include job roles such as welcoming visitors to a website or the voice of a GPS.

Many professional voice talents can do a range of these roles which helps them expand on their portfolio and then become a professional in a certain role.


Further examples of voice talent roles include:

  • Voice over films
  • Audiobooks
  • Toys and games
  • Documentaries
  • Trailers
  • Podcasts
  • Live events
  • Commercials
  • Tv programs
  • Voice over acting in an animated film

And many more.


How much do professional voice talent actors make? This question is not as simple to answer as there are many factors that are taken into consideration including the type of project, the size of your project, the experience the voice talent has. Voice talents usually get paid per project or per job, which could be hourly. there a range of prices that professional voice talent actors can make from $300 for a 15 second recording to £5000 for an audiobook. The most common way that voice talent is paid is by the word count of the script which makes it easier to cut down so professional voice talent artists are paid what they deserve.


There are so many different professional voice talents out there, with many opportunities to participate in a range of projects, regardless of the size or type of voice over job. So, if you think you have a voice that could be in the next commercial or short film, then start looking into how you could become a professional voice talent!

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06 May 2020

There is always a market for fresh new female voice over talent, so if you have always wanted to become a voice over artist now is a great opportunity to utilise the internet and land your next voice over role requiring your talent!


There are many ways your talent can be shown off and recognised and one way is advertising your voice talent on freelancing websites. This is a great way to build up your portfolio as you can apply for many small projects and gain experience. This will also help you choose what kind of female voice over work you enjoy the most and want to focus on in the future. Freelancing websites offer thousands of jobs with people looking for particular female voice talents for their projects. You are given their starting prices as well as a description of the work they would require a female voice talent to do. So, explore those websites and see if you can find yourself landing a few jobs and expressing your voice talent! With freelancing websites, you are also able to create your own voice talent profile and show off your expertise in the description. You want your voice talent to be recognised by as many people as possible, so make sure to include previous work you have done as well as any projects you are currently working on. You want to show off brands you have worked with that have required female voice talents, and the different roles you have participated in. These can include being a female voice talent for commercials, audiobooks, telephone messages, singing, eLearning courses and the list goes on. It is also useful to say what you turn around time is and how quickly you can work around a client’s deadline. If you have your own studio it makes things even better as you can record from the comfort of your own home and find it easier to gain clients as you will be able to provide your services at all times.


Female voice talent is always needed and there are so many places for you to look at in order to land yourself many jobs, no matter how big or small. Don’t undermine your talent as your voice may be required for a particular type of project, so the best advice is to get out there and apply to as many jobs and gain the necessary experience to show it off to potential clients in the future.

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06 May 2020

Do you want to become a freelance voice over artist? It is a great side hustle or full-time passion if you have the voice for it. This blog will be a quick guide into getting started as a freelance voice talent artist.


The first thing when getting into freelance voice talent work is finding out if you have the voice and personality to do this kind of work. Sometimes those that may be unsure if they are fit for voice over acting, they will get screened by a professional voiceover training company. However, this is not mandatory especially if you want to be a freelance voice over talent. Many are attracted to providing freelance voice talent as it allows them to be completely independent as you can work as many hours as you want, giving you full flexibility as well as doing something you enjoy at the same time.


However, in order to actually make money from being a freelance voice talent you need to treat it like a business even though you work for yourself and make your own decisions. This means being disciplined with your time and knowing how to market yourself as a freelance voice talent artist so that you are seen by the appropriate people which will provide you with work. In order to be recognised more you want to take part in as many small projects to build up your portfolio of voice over talent samples. The best way in doing this signing up to several freelancing websites which allow you to create your own profiles, rates and descriptions so you are approached. Try taking on a range of different projects as this will allow you to show you are diverse in the range of voice over talent work you offer. Being a freelance voice talent also enables you the flexibility to take on the projects you want, that will help enhance your portfolio and land you a bigger voice over job in the future.


Many new voice over talent artists start of as freelance as you have more options and working for yourself is always a bonus! By doing a range of voice talent jobs, it will allow you to find your niche that you want to work on and become a professional in. You cannot expect overnight success, you need to be consistent and always work on your craft, developing your portfolio so it is filled with success!


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06 May 2020

So, you want to hire your next voice over talent? With so many voice over talents available it is about narrowing it down to the particular kind of person that you need for your next job. So here are a few ideas when thinking about who you will hire next:


Firstly, you want to think about what project you have before the process of hiring a voice over talent. Are you producing a:

  • Film
  • eLearning course
  • Singing video
  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Biography
  • Animation
  • Phone messages
  • Etc


Now that you have the type of project you want to do, you will want to think about if you want to hire a male or female voice over talent. Once you have chosen that, you are then given a range of options from the language of your voice talent, the tone and accents. There are so many voice over talents for hire, so this won’t be something you will be able to figure out immediately. You then also want to consider how much you are willing to spend for the voice over talent and look at your budget. If your budget is not extremely high, this might be a great opportunity to hire a new voice over talent and work together so you can complete your project and they can gain experience at the same time. As well as the price you want to consider how big or small is your project, thinking about how long it will take to complete. This is something useful to know when contacting potential voice over talent as you want to be able to work together successfully so your project is completed in time. So, make sure you communicate with your chosen voice over talent prior to the beginning of your project, ensuring their availability suits you too.


If you don’t have time to do this yourself, you can always use talent agency websites which will help you hire the voice over talent for you. All you have to do is provide your brief, specifying the voice over talent needed and they will do the rest for you. They will match you with potential voice over talents which will hopefully lead to you wanting to hire the perfect one.


Enjoy the process, explore new voice over talents and hire that chosen talent needed for your project!


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06 May 2020

Are you looking for an English female voice over for your upcoming project? The best advice is to explore websites that specifically provide a platform for all voice over talent which will make it easier when you need to find the right one for you. This is because their aim is to find the voice over talent needed as quickly as possible. So, all you have to do is browse through the pages of English female voice over talents and find the right fit for your project. Each sample you hear will be in a distinct style and tone to make it easier to find the required voice over. You can also choose from a range of different English accents. Once you find the English female voice over you think is perfect for your project, the agency will get into further contact with you discussing availabilities and pricing to see if it works with you.


When considering an English female voice over talent, there isn’t one ‘best’ kind. It is all down to personal preference and the kind of voice over you personally want. This could be that you prefer more mature female voice overs, or an English accent from Liverpool. Or you may not be fussed about the female voice over tone, accent or style but rather their experience and the companies they have worked for in the past, or the achievements they have gained with their voice over roles. You will also want to consider their availability and how quickly they can produce the required project. But it all comes down to finding an English female voice over talent that does a fantastic job, leaves you as the client happy and that you find them easy to work with that you then use their voice over services again in the future or recommend to those around you.


So, there are many factors to consider when seeking for an English female voice over actress, which may take a while to find but that is why platforms that provide voice over talents are extremely useful as they are more than happy to do the job for you. They will ensure to provide the best female talent needed and will respond quickly so you are able to begin your project when required too. There are many websites for you to check out that offer female voice over talents including matinee, voice squad, great British voices, Voquent and endless more.

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06 May 2020

So, you want to find voice over talent for your next project? How do you go about doing that? This blog will explain to you how to find the ideal voice over talent! So, let’s say you have an upcoming project for a commercial, short film, audio guide or even a telephone message and you need to find a particular voice talent for it, so here’s how to do it.


First it is about casting your voice over talent. It is not only about trying to find someone with a nice voice, there are also other factors to take into considerations like:

  • What is your budget?
  • Are they available when you will need them to be?
  • Can they sight read?

These are just a few considerations when trying to find the perfect voice over talent. So, the best advice is to listen to as many voice over talents and create a list of your favourite ones. Once you have created the list, reach out to each voice over artist that you find and discuss their rates and if they are fit for your project.


Secondly, it is about the recording process. Many voice over talents you find will have their own home studios and you will be notified of that on their profiles. Those that don’t have their own can be communicated through with their agent which is a different process and set up. You are given different options for how you want the recording to be scheduled and the different options are:

  • At the voice overs home recording studio
  • At a studio a talent agency has specifically selected
  • In your own studio

Once this is decided, you will then be given all the information on the voice over talent and whether the project will be in person, remotely or via an agency.


Once this is set up and you find the required voice over talent, the project will commence. After it is finished, the process of post-production begins where the voice over content is cleaned and edited to the final state. This is another service that you then go onto find as you will need someone to edit the audio perfectly, so you have a seamless voice over with no disruptions.


So, that is how you find a voice over talent! There are many platforms that provide different services or if you prefer you can always take a look on freelancing websites to find your next voice over talent.

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06 May 2020

Do you want to get be a part of a top vocal talent agency? Here are a few tips when approaching a vocal talent agency and the things you will want to consider.


Firstly, when looking at joining a vocal talent agency you want to see where you are based geographically which will help you approach the best vocal talent agencies. So, if you are from London you may want to apply to those that specifically that are based in London as that will have all the potential clients you can reach out to. However, Google is your best friend when looking for a talent vocal agency that suits your interests and works best for you.


To approach a vocal talent agency, it is more than just having a nice voice! To be a successful voice actor you want to have a range of skills and openly learning more. This includes you being able to adapt, take direction and utilise elements of the craft. By this it shows you are adaptable to doing different kinds of voice over work from commercials to voice mail messages. A vocal talent agency will be more interested in having someone on their platform that can do a range of voice over roles and has a range of skills rather than someone that only specifically applies to just one role. A way of expanding your skills is to attend different workshops so you can brush up on your current skills as well as pick up new ones on the way. This will also show that you are determined to grow as a voice over actor and extremely hard working.


As well as attending workshops and learning new skills, it is all about the experience you have obtained. A vocal talent agency will want someone that has done some form of professional voiceover work. so, when applying you want to remember that first impressions are very important in the voice over world, so when showing your work, you want to show the most up to date and biggest projects you have done. Don’t be afraid to mention any key brands you have worked with as those key details will make you stand out.


Do you have any unique selling points? If so, mention them in your application! This could be anything from knowing multiple languages to being able to do a range of accents perfectly through your time travelling. Make sure you show these off in your CV and cover letter as these unique selling points can be what get you into a vocal talent agency.


So, when applying to a vocal talent agency, take into consideration these points spoken about and this will ensure that you will successfully be enrolled into a vocal talent agency. Enjoy the process!


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06 May 2020

One way of marketing yourself as a female voice over artist is by producing your own website where you can showcase your talent and the services that you offer. Here are a few ways you can build your website and what information you can include as a female voice over.


The homepage needs to be as informative and straight to the point as you want it to say what you do and what you specialise in. So, you want to immediately highlight that you are a female voice over actor and provide the area that you work in. It is also useful to mention the sectors you have worked in already. Another suggestion would be to provide a section where they can listen to your work as a female voice over actor and get an understanding of what you do and the voice you have.


As well as showing off yourself as a female voice over, you want to demonstrate the qualities you can offer as someone providing a service. This means that you want to show that you can provide high quality work and quick turnaround times. You also want to show that you are versatile in what you do and that you have experiences in a range of female voice over roles. You want to demonstrate how long you have been a female voice over actor for and what your experiences you have and where.


The best way to show off your female voice over style is to put samples from projects you have done so that potential clients can have an idea about the style, tone, accent of your voice. This will may it easier for yourself as you will not have to answer to enquiries about certain things that could just be included in your website home page.


On your website, you also want to add different subsections of the range of female voice over work you do currently. This may be that you are currently doing commercials, or radio work so you want to highlight your main roles and include snippets of your work too. You want to also make sure that it is easy for potential clients to get in touch with you by adding in buttons to easily contact you. The easiest way is providing an email or phone number or providing a form whereby clients can send an immediate message across, so you know what kind of female voice over work they are after.


Now you have these tips, go ahead and begin building your own website. It is a great way to market yourself and allows you to show off all your skills and experiences in one place!


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06 May 2020

There are many different types of voice over actors websites and this blog will quickly explain all the different options. This will be useful for you if you are a voice over actor and unsure which voice over actors websites to sign yourself up for.


The first are general freelance peer to peer website platforms. These are websites that provide a platform for all kinds of freelance work, which can be quite overwhelming. The idea of these websites is simple: you sign up and make a profile in which then you are directly connected with potential clients. The types of projects found on these websites are usually much smaller and which is why agencies are usually never involved as it is simply providing services between the voice over actors and the client. The potential customers you come across on these websites usually do not want to pay a lot for your voice over acting services. These platforms are usually a great starting point when looking for voice over actors websites as it is an opportunity to expand on your portfolio by taking on different smaller projects.


Another kind of platform are specifically voice over actors websites which are also freelance peer to peer. To utilise these voices over actors websites, they take a percentage of the jobs that are posted by voice over actors. The hiring process usually involves voice over actors auditioning their work so that they can appear on the platform. If you are on one of these kinds of platforms you can generate a substantial amount of revenue through client work and subscription revenues. There is a level of security as usually clients need to pay immediately through the platform which gives you comfort as a voice over actor that you will be paid! There are several successful voice over actors websites on the internet for you to browse and explore which might be the best fit for you.


Another kind of voice over actors websites are studios, agencies and production companies. Many of those established all started out as studios that focus on specific industries. These platforms provide a completed and managed service. So, if you are someone that is not comfortable producing the audio by yourself then you will hugely benefit from the assistance of an agency. The best way to approach them is to submit a portfolio showcasing your work and if you are successful you will be provided several jobs which they will get into contact with you.


So, these are just a few different voice over actors websites platforms available to you, so now it is about doing your research and seeing which one is the best fit to your position as a voice over actor.


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06 May 2020

Do you want to find cheap voice over talent? The best answer to your question is looking for voice over talent on freelancing websites. Freelancing websites are usually the platform that many start up voice over actors market themselves in order to expand their portfolio. But you do also have cheap voice over talent that have years of experience, so it is down to you as a potential customer to decide on what type of voice talent you require for your upcoming project. So, when looking for cheap voice over talent you want to firstly consider your budget. There will be many voice over actors available within your budget on freelancing websites. Once your budget is sorted out, you then want to find out what kind of cheap voice over talent you require. Do you want a male or female? Are you looking for a certain tone, accent, style or language? These are all the different factors you want to consider and will be looking for when browsing different voice over talent. When browsing different cheap voice over talent, you are provided with a range of talents including who they are, what languages they do voice over work in, their turnaround time and a small description about themselves which usually contain their experiences. You will also be able to view small previews of their portfolio work which will help give you an idea of their voice and the type of voice over talent work that they do.


Although you are hiring cheap voice over talent, this does not mean that they are inexperienced. There will be a range of voice over actors from beginners to those that have had years of experience working as a voice over talent. Cheap voice over talent also does not mean that the quality of work will be lowered either, you will be guaranteed to have excellent quality voice over talent work but just for a cheap price. You will also find cheap voice over talent with a quick turnaround time, ensuring that your project is completed on time and that you are satisfied with the work provided by the voice over talent.


So, it is not difficult to find cheap voice over talent, you want to browse different freelancing websites as your starting point and reach out to different voice over talents that are within your budget. You are still guaranteed excellent work regardless of the price!

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