06 May 2020

So, you want to become a voice over talent? This blog will give you a few tips in just how to become a voice over talent!


Firstly, you want to build on your portfolio. By this, you want to send your voice over talent work to several agents making sure that you show your talent immediately. What you don’t want to do is create a huge portfolio with mediocre work, it is about quality over quantity! When recording your voice over talent, you want to make sure it is professionally recorded, so no homemade recordings! You may already have equipment, or you can utilise a recording studio to do your work in.


Now you may be wondering how do you go about getting the experience to put into your portfolio? Well, you want to do a lot of small sized projects which you can find through freelancing websites as a voice over talent or do work for free in order to build your voice over talent workload. There are many ways you can do voice over talent work for free or cheap prices just to get your foot in the door and to be recognised as a voice over talent artist. Also, if you are interested in expanding your current skills when it comes to becoming a voice over talent, you may want to consider doing some workshops which will help enhance your experience and show you are determined to learn more about the job role.


If you have a certain unique selling point, then make sure to show this off in your portfolio. As well as highlighting your natural accent, you may also want to show that you have learnt how to do a range of accents. Also, when producing your portfolio, you want to showcase that you have done work in different voice over talent roles. These can include voice over work for a commercial, documentary, narrative, radio show etc. This will show you are adaptable and flexible as a voice over talent artist and that you are able to engage in a wide range of roles.


Now that you have built your portfolio up, you want to start reaching out to different agencies and submitting your application. You also can market yourself by creating a profile as a voice over talent on freelancing websites to gain a range of experiences. It is not an easy journey however when you begin building up your experience and sharing your work, the hard work will pay off!


You can get in touch with Bianca and her team by Email: bookings@biancamiller.uk  or Telephone: 02086679519

08 Apr 2020

There are many types of voice over jobs for actors, with a popular one being commercial. You may notice when watching a commercial, that the voice over stands out and can make the commercial more engaging which highlights the importance of having an excellent voice over. Having the right voice over actor for a commercial is key as it is about trying to find someone that can spread the advertising message in the correct character and tone.


With many larger companies, specific voice over actors are regularly used across various commercials, which they then become associated with the brand as there is an overall identity formed.


There are many factors taken into consideration when hiring voice over actors for commercial purposes. The first factor is having an actor that is versatile. This is because commercials require actors with different set of tones, so it is important that there is a range of voice acting showcased in order to be successful in being hired as a voice over actor. Another factor includes how the voice over actor can help deliver the message of the commercial successfully to the audience.


There are many different ways you can develop your skills if you want to become a voice over actor for commercial purposes. Because even though you may have a good voice, it doesn’t mean you can become a voice actor, there are ways you can practice by building up your skills first. Ways to develop your skills include:

  • Constantly read aloud – read magazines, books and other materials. It is important to practice every day, focusing on the way you say every word. You want to make sure you are not just reading but performing.
  • Record your voice when reading – recording yourself will be useful as you are able to listen back to your voice over recordings and make notes of the things you need to improve on.
  • Do vocal exercises – this will help improve and control your voice. Make sure you include a range of vocal exercises everyday including sitting up straight and pushing your shoulders back as well as reciting tongue twisters.

These are just a few exercises you can do to prepare yourself before going onto marketing yourself as a commercial voice over actor. In order to become a successful voice over actor you need to build up your own portfolio showing your range of work you’ve done. It is recommended you also sign up to get a talent agency to represent you in order to get your work exposed and recruited as a commercial voice actor.

08 Apr 2020



In order to get that dream voice over job role, you will want to approach different agencies by sending over your submission. This will give you the opportunity to show off your talent and your capabilities as a voice over actor. Although this may seem nerve wrecking, it is an opportunity for you to show off your skills and talents as a voice over actor and prove to agencies why they should pick your submissions over anyone else’s!


So, what do you include in your voice over submissions?


Here are a few things you can include in your submissions when applying to different voice over agencies, hoping to get that job you’ve been having your eye on for some time:

  • Include a range of different examples aiming between 7 – 10
  • Depending on the voice over role you are applying for, make sure you submit one that falls under that category. Whether it being for a commercial role or a cartoon character.
  • Incorporate snippets of your work into your submissions, but make sure these snippets make sense and are not random. You want your voice over to be understood immediately.
  • Make sure your best voice over work is at the top of your submissions file! First impressions truly do count, so you want to grab the attention of those listening.
  • Make sure all your recordings are of high quality as poor-quality submissions may not be accepted as it will be difficult to hear your voice.
  • Amongst your work, if you have any unique selling points make sure to show them off! This could be that you know multiple languages or can do a range of accents fluently. Make sure you add it into your submissions to stand out from other candidates!


You want to make sure all the work you submit is your best work, you will be judged off of what you present, so think carefully of what you choose to add in your voice over submissions.


Don’t rush when it comes to applying for voice over roles, you want your submissions to be enriched with the best content and you want to show talent and development as a voice over actor. Once you work on multiple voice over projects and showcase a range of voice over positions, you will want to begin applying to different voice over agencies.

08 Apr 2020


So, you want to hire a few voice over actors for your upcoming project? The best way to find the voice actors suitable for you is to explore different agencies which showcase a range of voice over actors for hire. Agencies help people like you to find voice over talent in all languages and accents, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your personal project. As well as agency websites, you can explore many freelancing websites in which voice over actors’ market themselves for hire and are usually for cheaper prices. These are voice over actors that may just be starting off and will be wanting exposure and as many projects as possible to grow their portfolio.


What kind of work can a voice over actor be hired for?

There are many different projects which may require the hire of a voice over actor and a few include:

  • Voice over films
  • TV programs
  • Video games
  • Awards show
  • Documentaries
  • Trailers
  • Podcasts
  • Voice overs for animation films

the list goes on, so whatever project you have in mind, there will be a voice over actor for hire somewhere out there for you!


How much does it cost to hire a voice over actor? This is a difficult question to answer as it completely depends on the actors you want to hire and the budget you have! Other factors that affect how much it costs to hire a voice over actor includes the type of work, the size of the job as well as your experience.


Some voice over actors can be hired for as little as £30 on a range of freelancing websites. However, it does range depending on the project, some prices for different projects include: £250 – £300 for a 30 second radio commercial, £150 for a very short recording between 10-15 seconds that can be used on many platforms or £2000 – £5000 for an audiobook. It all depends on the talent you want on your project which will give you an idea of how much you will be expected to spend on a voice over actor.


It is recommended you sign up for a voice over agency as it is the best way that you will be matched with the voice over actor talent that is necessary for you. With so much talent available it may feel like an overwhelming process when finding an actor to hire, but have a look around, do your research and find the perfect talent!

08 Apr 2020

Voice over which is popularly known as voice acting is something you hear in your everyday lives. But we don’t realise the extent of how much we hear voice over daily. But what is voice over? Voice overs are common in radio and animated movies with males and female voice overs being used in all the animated films you have watched as well as the radio you listen to on a daily basis.


So, you need a British female voice over for your upcoming project? There are many British female voice over artists that can offer excellent voice over services depending on the brief or personal preference of a project or character role that is needed. British female voice overs can range over a wide span, including different accents, tone of voice and style which would be suitable, as there is a voice for everything!


How to go about choosing a British female voice over artist? When looking to find a female voice over artist for your project there are many factors you need to take into consideration:


  • Think about what your budget is and if you are able to find a female voice over artist within your price range.
  • Are they available when you will require them to be? Have a range of female voice overs is useful as you can explore all their availabilities.
  • Can they sight read? This is important depending on your project and the skills you would want your female voice over artist to have.


There are many agencies available which allows you to find the ideal British female voice over for your required project, allowing you to get in contact and find out the information you need before hiring them. If you do not know what you are looking for you can always be recommended by agencies, by providing information on the type of British female you would ideally have voice over your project.


Once you have chosen the female voice over you want, you need to consider how the voice over will be recorded. There are different options to consider. The options include recording the female voice over in a studio of your own choice which would be discussed, a studio that has been chosen by an agency or at the voice overs recording studio in their home. This is something that is to be discussed with the voice over actor you decide to go ahead with.


When the voice over artist is confirmed, you now can go ahead and begin the project that you needed the British female voice over for. This is the stage where the recording begins in which the audio of the voice over is collected and applied to your project.

17 Dec 2019

Are you and a business partner, spouse, family member or friend currently facing financial and money management problems? Why not sit together and catch up on the latest new series of “save well, spend better”. This series can be the ice breaker you need as talking about finances is often not easy. But sitting down with the person you are involved in finance with and watching “save well, spend better” can open up the discussion as the team of experts such as Bianca Miller Cole, author of the book “Self-Made” share their invaluable expertise with you to help you explore various options of money management.

“Save well, spend better” shows you real life scenarios people have found themselves in and their suggestions to address these debts that will benefit the individual the most. Watch the series now to see how addressing your issues bluntly and head on is the best way to start making a change to your finances.

Ensure you pay close attention to the voice over segments within the series as they help explain various options and situations in simpler terms. For example, Bianca Miller Cole’s voice over in episode one describes what a stocks and shares ISA is which a lot of people have little to no knowledge about.

So, get your preferred beverage ready, sit down and pay close attention to “save well, spend better” now and get those juicy financial conversations going. It can be life changing towards your finances, health and over all well-being.

16 Dec 2019

In June 2019, It was recorded that the average debt per adult in the UK is £31,232. That is a staggering amount and shows that debt affects all of us in the UK one way or another. Whether it is a phone contract you are paying, pay day loan or mortgage, It is easy to find yourself in debt. This is why experienced leaders of entrepreneurship and finance have come together to break down the solutions of debt and finance troubles for us to provide easily accessible ways of clearing our debt in channel 4’s series called “save well, spend better” by Firecracker films.

We see pioneers of finance such as Bianca Miller Cole sharing their wealth of knowledge whether it is in business or personal finance. The voice over within the series alone offers snippets of information that can help many with debt and finance troubles in the UK.

Are you aware of what a stocks and shares ISA is? Are you afraid of the stigma of bankruptcy? These hard-hitting truths and spotlight into your finances is the only way often debts can be resolved and plans can be made to turn your debts around and this is the epitome of what “save well, spend better” is.

So, it is time to face your finances head on. Catch up on “save well, spend better”. This series produced by firecracker films opens us up to discussions on how to deal with your finances. Bianca Miller Cole along with Ann wilson, Anna Williamson and Emmanuel Asuquo will help you to discover how you can improve your financial stability.

14 Dec 2019

Catch Bianca Miller Cole on Channel 4’s “save well, spend better”. The author of the best selling book “self-made” and the runner up of the apprentice shall be sharing her knowledge In order to help those who find they do not know what to do when it comes to getting rid of debts and making themselves financially stable.

“Save well, spend better” faces the hard truths about finances and shows how it can affect relationships, family life, businesses and health. Debt can affect all of us. It was recorded in June 2019 that in the UK alone 1.637 trillion pounds is owed by individuals. Debt is something we have to open up about and discuss more to prevent this number increasing. “Save well, spend better” provides vital easy information on various debt situations that you can do your own research into to see if it can be useful to you to address your debt.

With the speaker hosts such as Bianca Miller Cole, Ann Wilson, Anna Willaimson and Emmanuel Asuquo, you can learn from their depth of knowledge and acquire different techniques to help you “save well, spend better”.

We all know money discussions can be scary so face your fears now and catch up on the series “save well, spend better”. You will find the amazing voice overs provided by the speakers can simplify and make exploring various options to manage your finances easy.

13 Dec 2019

Worried about your finances? Find yourself in debt up to your ears? It may be worth watching Channel 4’s new series “Save well, Spend better”. Produced by firecracker films, this series will have you asking the tough questions about your finances and facing the reality of debt.

The speaker’s skills sets are ranging from life coaches to serial entrepreneurs such as Bianca Miller Cole. With their high levels of experience, they simplify options for various people in different situations, to show what it means to “save well and spend better”.

During Bianca Miller Cole’s voice over during the season. You can learn vital information such as the importance of keeping your business and personal finances separate as well as what a stocks and shares ISA is. So, ensure you listen to all of the voice over snippets on “save well, spend better” so you don’t miss out!

Why wait? Make sure you catch up on the amazing series of “save well, spend better” by firecracker films. The knowledge can be applied to those from different walks of life with information that very few get to hear but can save you hundreds and even thousands of pounds a year. Take the advice of serial entrepreneurs such as Bianca Miller Cole, listen to the voice over for your own free slices of wisdom and listen to the financial speakers during the series and see your money grow grow grow!

03 Dec 2019

She Means Busienss

I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker at the @facebook ” She Means Business” and Boost conference.

The team at Facebook asked me to talk about my personal journey and personal branding for high impact & funding! I only had 30 minutes to do it in but I made it into a high impact, high engagement and interactive talk!

I covered the evolution of my brand, the reason why personal branding is essential to ones business, the power of your profile, the impact your personal brand can have on funding opportunities AND how to set goals to support future business success and personal brand evolution!

Yes I know that is a lot in 30 minutes! I could speak about each of those topics for far longer. Judging by the amazing feedback I have received thus far across the socials it was well received!

Thank you to the 400+ people in the audience – you were fab!
You can watch highlights from my speech below by clicking on the play button!