19 Sep 2019
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3 September 2019 Channel 4 has commissioned a bold new lifestyle series where people from all walks of life will have honest conversations about their financial dilemmas with their loved ones. Save Well, Spend Better will see sets of couples, families and friends meet at a specially constructed ‘Money Hub’, rigged with cameras, to have the frank […]

01 Jul 2019
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Saving the Pennys |GETTY Building a business in the modern world can be hard due to the fierce competition in all industries. This competition often forces small-scale businesses, who lack funding, to shut down. We all know the commonly told statistic that around 90% of startup companies fail within their first few years. Although this […]

25 Jun 2019

This month, as you know, I am looking at finance and how it affects various facets of our lives. Today, we look at how a new study from Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions, illustrates how our access to imports and public transport infrastructure could potentially affect our […]

17 Jun 2019

When branding, the process should never be rushed. The duration required for branding or rebranding is often affected by various factors such as how much time your company has, the people involved, your total budget, the resources and brand assets your company will need, your company’s size and future goals. Continue reading to find out […]

17 Jun 2019

The rate of emerging graduates is increasing daily, making the labor market very competitive. Large numbers of applicants hustle for very limited job openings.  Find out how you can stand out from the crowd. ‘The Boss’ by Hunters Race, Sourced from Unsplash ‘THE BOSS’ BY HUNTERS RACE Unemployment is a global issue; many countries are working […]

17 Jun 2019

Spending on brand marketing and public relations is not always easy to estimate. In addition, sales promotion and costing are not necessarily the classic core competencies of many business owners, as many come from backgrounds that have nothing to do with business administration. Therefore, when creating a brand strategy on a budget, there are many […]

17 Jun 2019

In the world of business and marketing, branding is critical for keeping your company relevant. That’s why it helps to know and understand critical brand terminologies and why they are important. ‘time to work’ sourced from Unsplash LILY RUM-@RUMANDRAISIN Without a doubt, everyone seeks to create a cool well-known and highly reputable brand. In this article, […]