15 Feb 2019

When asked, “which professional motivational speakers do you know?” most people would probably list off people such as Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Mel Robbins or Debra Searle. There is, however, a group of individuals who could potentially be labelled as professional motivational speakers. This group of people often go under the radar as motivational speakers, […]

30 Nov 2018

Black Motivational Speakers From Around The World When it comes to motivational speaking, there are many black motivational speakers whose words are often powerful and their talks impactful, regardless of whether they are attempting to challenge, transform or convince the audience. So if you are of African or Caribbean descent, and you want to make […]

28 Nov 2018

Best Motivational Speakers and their power. Motivational speaking is an art itself and it requires a degree of expertise to communicate effectively with an audience. There are certain attributes motivational speakers possess which enable them to effectively deliver rousing speeches. In the 21st century, motivational speakers have become a source of inspiration to many listeners […]

23 Nov 2018

Celebrity speakers Want to be a celebrity speaker? To answer the supposedly difficult question once and for all: no, you do not have to be born with the talent for free speech. Yes, anyone can become a good speaker. It may be that extroverted people have it a little easier, because they do not have […]

23 Nov 2018

What Makes the Best Keynote Speakers? Want to be one of the best keynote speaker? If so, here are a few tips that will help:   Knowledge of subject matter Best keynote speakers usually have a range of subjects they specialize in. Some good best keynote speakers such as Bianca Miller, specialise in branding and […]

21 Nov 2018

Best inspirational speakers Many people with good leadership skills use professional support to learn the fine art of free speech and to appear in politics and business. In order to find the right words and to give them even more meaning through appropriate body language, they work daily on their speaking practice and perfect it […]