17 Dec 2019

Are you and a business partner, spouse, family member or friend currently facing financial and money management problems? Why not sit together and catch up on the latest new series of “save well, spend better”. This series can be the ice breaker you need as talking about finances is often not easy. But sitting down […]

16 Dec 2019

In June 2019, It was recorded that the average debt per adult in the UK is £31,232. That is a staggering amount and shows that debt affects all of us in the UK one way or another. Whether it is a phone contract you are paying, pay day loan or mortgage, It is easy to […]

14 Dec 2019

Catch Bianca Miller Cole on Channel 4’s “save well, spend better”. The author of the best selling book “self-made” and the runner up of the apprentice shall be sharing her knowledge In order to help those who find they do not know what to do when it comes to getting rid of debts and making […]

13 Dec 2019

Worried about your finances? Find yourself in debt up to your ears? It may be worth watching Channel 4’s new series “Save well, Spend better”. Produced by firecracker films, this series will have you asking the tough questions about your finances and facing the reality of debt. The speaker’s skills sets are ranging from life […]

19 Sep 2019
Channel 4 PNG Logo

3 September 2019 Channel 4 has commissioned a bold new lifestyle series where people from all walks of life will have honest conversations about their financial dilemmas with their loved ones. Save Well, Spend Better will see sets of couples, families and friends meet at a specially constructed ‘Money Hub’, rigged with cameras, to have the frank […]