Personal Branding Workshops

The Be Group is the go-to Personal Branding Consultancy in the UK offering a plethora of international clients with interactive, actionable and purpose driven training and coaching. We facilitate workshops and coaching for corporate clients to assist their employees in enhancing their career trajectory and leadership impact. 

Our primary focus is in helping the employees to understand;

The Power of their Personal Profile

Improve Communication Style 

Enhance Leadership Potential 

Build Intrapreneurial Spirit 

Asses How Visible Personal Brand Enhance Business and Career Trajectory. 



Sana Butt

EY Race and Ethnicity Network Leadership Team | Championing D&I in Recruitment | Student Recruitment Events Advisor at EY

April 17, 2021,

I have worked with Bianca for a second time now, and I know this will not be the last. In our most recent interaction, Bianca delivered a couple of workshops for undergraduates. Her professionalism, energy and creativity that she brings to the table is exactly what I admire about her. She listens to the client ask and then feeds into that with relevant and valuable inputs - what more do you want! Her delivery of the skills workshops are always energetic, refreshing and leave you self-reflecting on how to better yourself as an individual. Thank you, Bianca!

Taravat Taher-Zadeh (Brass)

Natwest Accelerator Programme

Business Growth & Transformation Portfolio Professional

March 12, 2021,

Dearest Bianca, I’m breathless with excitement (still!), a sheer joy hearing your wonderful marathon of a presentation at the NatWest International Women’s Day event. Many congratulations, wishing you even greater heights of success & look forward to hearing you again. Keep well & keep inspiring, my NBF! :-
Caroline Gundu

Senior Business Consultant at CGI |  Chair of Women's Network CGI UK

March 12, 2021,

I reached out to Bianca to speak at the CGI Women's Network International Women's Day event and asked her to deliver an inspirational key note speech. From start to finish my interaction with Bianca did not disappoint. Bianca provided fast responses and all the information required in a timely manner. On the day, Bianca delivered a key note speech on her journey as an entrepreneur and shared her experiences and lessons learned. This speech was well received in CGI with lots of great feedback from the attendees. I particularly liked her "Top 3 Tips for Taking Ownership of Your Career Success" which I will certainly be applying for my own career! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bianca and look forward to future engagements
Conor Donnellan MAPM

Senior Project Management Consultant at CGI

March 12, 2021,

It was a great pleasure to hear about Bianca’s inspiring journey as a young woman in the business world as part of CGI’s international women’s day celebrations. I particularly enjoyed learning about building a personal brand, which has given me great insights on how I can improve my own personal brand and to mentor and coach others. On the theme of international women’s day, Bianca’s journey is one of facing challenge and overcoming obstacles. Bianca’s talk has definitely made me want to be more vigilant in recognising areas needing change and how personally I can make certain changes and challenge equalities to ensure the IT industry becomes more equal for women and everyone in general. Thank you again Bianca for your inspiring talk
Stacey Van Bergen

Senior Consultant at CGI | Co-Chair of the Women's Network

March 11, 2021,

As part of International Women's Day, Bianca joined us (CGI) and delivered an inspiration talk on her career history, as well as giving tips on how to take ownership of your own career success, how to embrace challenges and be an intrapreneur in light of this years theme "Choose to Challenge". Bianca delivered in such an engaging and motivational way, I know I speak for all when I say I took away some really key messages that I can easily apply to my job, and personal life. Thank you Bianca, I look forward to working with you in future
Mandy Tinker

Executive Assistant to President

March 10, 2021,

I participated in the International Women's Day event lead by NatWest on the topic "Inspiring Confidence - Championing change". Bianca was one of the amazing speakers whom I had the opportunity to listen to. I couldn't stop smiling and loved your enthusiasm and the way you articulate your journey. Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences with u
Sophie Gowling

CEO, Natwest Accelerator Programme ,

March 10, 2021,

Incredible energy with a motivating and positive speech. Great to hear Bianca’s story- so engaging. Good to see a woman In business achieving great things. I can’t wait to read the book
Kimberley Johnston

Inclusion & Diversity Senior Manager - Commercial Banking - Lloyds Banking Group

March 9, 2021,

You were INSPRATIONAL at the CMS IWD Career Ready event today Bianca Miller - Cole - if those girls don’t now know they can take on the world and succeed then they were not listening. I certainly felt fired up
Alisha Young

Legal Secondee at Lloyds Banking Group

March 9, 2021,

Bianca was a key note speaker for the CMS Masterclass 2021 for International Women’s Day and helped deliver the session. She spoke with over 60 students and we led a breakout room together to interact with a smaller group of students. She is very inspirational, motivated and it is brilliant to see her passion for helping the younger generation grow and develop
Thierry Pradier

Business Development Manager Biorationals EMEA chez Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe

March 1, 2021,

I attended a talk on Intrapreneurship from Bianca recently. It was refreshing and inspiring. Bianca is great at making you look at things from a different angle, thinking about yourself as your own brand, and overall making you believe that there is not such a long way from a dream to become a reality. Thanks again Bianc
Ashleigh Jones

Global Strategic Accounts at Preqin

December 23, 2020,

Bianca was a host during a Black History Month panel discussion to my company. She was extremely engaging and professional throughout the session, and gave really informative and inspiring advice on how to navigate the workplace and build one's personal brand. She has received great feedback from a number of my colleagues, and I would certainly recommend her to others. Thank you Bianca
Mia Meade

Assistant Associate Deloitte

August 17, 2020,

I attended a Zoom conference led by Bianca on building your personal brand - I loved it! I was able to utilise the tips and tricks that she provided for my LinkedIn page and overall internet presence. Her warm personality and inclusive nature made attending the conference an overall wonderful experience
Zarif Karimli

Tax Analyst at Deloitte  

August 5, 2020,

Very systematic, simple, yet effective presentation on personal branding. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found Bianca very helpful and insightful
Harry Wilkinson

Analyst at Deloitte (Banking Analytics & Quantitative Modelling)

August 5, 2020,

Bianca gave an enthusiastic interactive online webinar to myself and other graduates joining Deloitte. She enlightened us on how important it is to begin to build our personal brand, develop our social media accounts, and just how valuable any life experiences we have are! Bianca gave excellent feedback to us on giving “elevator pitches”, their importance, and how to present yourself in a concise and attractive manner
Jessica Okonkwo

Solutions Engineer Apprentice, UKI Financial Services Team at Salesforce

July 24, 2020,

Bianca is an excellent speaker. During my personal branding session with her, I gained invaluable knowledge which I now utilise in my everyday life. She has such a bubbly yet professional character which I admire. She is self motivated and always encourages those around her. I really enjoyed my session, thanks Bianca
Alice Mansergh

Director at Google, UK & Ireland

July 8, 2020,

Bianca came and gave a talk to my team, and was an inspiration! I loved how Bianca shared her own personal story, then gave practical ideas and steps to help others realise their career dreams. Bianca combined inspiration and entrepreneurialism with practical advice, and was a delight to listen to
Azeez Soetan

Growth @ Google

June 24, 2020,

Bianca is great at communicating her journey giving people an insight into the experiences that have shaped the person she is today. Learning about her experiences and the lessons she picked up along the way was amazing and definitely impactful for myself and everyone else that was listening in
Katja Morris

Associate Account Strategist at Google

June 24, 2020,

I attended Bianca's workshops as an undergrad as part of an insight week for Women in Tech a couple of years back and have been fortunate enough to attend one again recently! You're workshops on personal branding really stuck with me, so much so I spoke about them in interviews and to colleagues and friends
Mohammad M Lone

Digital Strategist at Google | One Young World Ambassador

June 24, 2020,

Bianca is an incredibly inspirational individual. Having been fortunate enough to witness her public speaking, she has given me and my colleagues so much to think about when it comes to owning my career success
Jade O’Donoghue

Senior Content Manager at Retail Week

June 19, 2020,

Bianca gave an online talk to our 2000-strong audience of retailers. It was brilliant, thought provoking and full of actionable insight. She was very personable while also being a total professional, both in front of the audience and behind the scenes. The feedback for her session was brilliant. I hope to be able to work with her again
Bradley Fox

Corporate Engagement Officer at Melton Borough Council

May 18, 2020,

Bianca was very professional but also had a great human nature. She was a brilliant addition to my event & those that attended noted how inspiring her presentation was. She kept to the brief and added snippets of humour during the keynote whilst talking about her own lived experiences. I would certainly book her again and would recommend her work to anyon
Hortense Thorpe

Award-Winning Strategic Sourcing Expert -Centrica

March 31, 2020,

  What an inspiring speaker you are, and you really kept your cool in spite of the slide issues... Qdos to you. Everyone in Centrica found your teachings very useful, so thank you for joining our International Women's Day event and celebrating diversity with us. I'm Centrica's Fertility Ambassador so if you ever need ideas or support in that space, please think of me 🙏 I'd be more than happy happy to collaborate. Best wishe
Olayne Nalithi


March 29, 2020,

  Bianca delivered an excellent interactive talk on personal branding and networking. She had presented great points as to how to make a great first impression. The session was extremely engaging and I would say it’s perfect for any field. Even in this current climate I now know what steps to take to add value for myself and others
Rohit Viram


March 28, 2020,

Inspirational and very practical, Bianca’s talk on Personal Branding and Networking was delivered in a professional and well thought out manner. She really taught me the techniques on how best to convey to someone that you are a person of value, in a quick and concise manner with her detailed elevator pitch. Furthermore she explained the dynamics of networking in a very easy and digestible way. Great speaker, and a clear expert in her field. Highly recommend her
Jig Goodhead

Software Engineer Travellers

March 28, 2020,

Bianca is an excellent speaker who is very knowledgeable in her field. She is truly an example and inspiration to all women
Ilana Weisbein

AWS re/Start Graduate at Generation UK & Ireland

March 27, 2020,

A highly enjoyable and interactive session to identify my unique personal qualities and skills to increase my success with networking for a job, even with the limitations currently in place. Bianca was inspirational to keep aiming towards personal career goals, breaking them down into a list of achievable objectives
Kathryn Massey

HR Shared Service Coordinator Nottingham Trent University

March 23, 2020,

  Bianca was the keynote speaker for our International Women’s Day conference at Nottingham Trent University. It was inspirational to hear about her journey before, during and after The Apprentice. She was an extremely engaging and powerful speaker for the event and a great role model for students, she really showed us what hard work and a positive attitude can do

Social Media Intern at MRZ Business Services LTD


March 14, 2020,

Bianca is such an inspirational and successful female role model for me. I was inspired by her "dreams to reality" speech and would follow the "7 steps to making your dreams a reality" to pursue my dreams! (Thank you very much and very honored to meet you, Bianca!!
Stacey Macha
  Global HR Partner, Centrica   March 11, 2020,     Bianca has a great story...She is engaging, energetic and has a natural way of connecting with her audience
Amber Shrimpton

Transformation Specialist at Centrica


March 9, 2020,

  Bianca is an engaging and professional speaker, who is great to work with
Robin VanMeter, MBA

Sr. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partner, Centrica


March 4, 2020,

  Bianca Miller is a great speaker and has an incredible story to tell. She encourages individuals to be all they can be and how to successfully focus on self branding
Shereen Morgan

Diversity & Inclusion, Centrica


March 4, 2020,

  Thank you Bianca Miller - Cole for your amazing keynote at Centrica today! A fresh take on intrapreneurship and personal brand. Today was my light bulb moment and I’m sure many others experienced the same! It has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with you again
Steve Keith- EY
Personal Branding Workshops
She made all of the parents and children feel at ease from the start; our talent partner Maggie has commented on how inspirational Bianca was. We had such fantastic feedback from our first event that we’ve invited her back for our regional workshops in Marc
Simone White- Blackrock EEPA
Keynote Speaker
Professional, knowledgeable and with the great ability to hold an audience, Bianca has a great way of bringing her presentations to life. It was a delight to host her alongside EPAA for the Career Masterclass and I look forward to being able to work with her again on future events
Jasmin Jalloh- Accenture UK
It was a truly inspirational keynote. Thanks for re-igniting my passion and determination to making sure that the fruits life has to offer are well and truly absorbed
Taj Singh- Bucks New University Student
Personal Branding Workshops and Motivational Talks
Bianca visited Bucks New University she was an amazing inspiration. She is a woman of great wisdom and wise word
Bianca Mcdonald – Founder of Kids Zone Adventures
Being mentored by Bianca was an absolute pleasure! Her extensive knowledge on business start ups and business in general has really helped me to excel, with a stagnant business of 10 years. She helped me look at my business from a new perspective. Bianca has supported me with rebranding and during the time of working with her I have gone from 3 services to 7 different childcare services. Bianca’s support has been second to none I fully recommend anyone who is serious about pushing their business further to liaise with her or attend the mastermind session
Lauren Pak – Accenture Technology Analyst
Really engages the audience in an inclusive way. Had so much fun at Bianca's workshop on critical thinking and public speaking
Emma Bortnik- Knowledge Transfer Network
Keynote Speaker
Bianca delivered a fantastic talk at our 'Women in Innovation: Building Success' event. It was highly engaging, inspirational, funny and left delegates feeling motivated and inspire
Jo Bromilow- Publicasity
Keynote Speaker
Her passion and enthusiasm as well as her inspirational ethos and attitude came through in person and on the final film. It would be a pleasure to cross paths with her again on one of her courses or in front of the camera again
James Wilson -Attendee of the Business Travel Conference
Keynote Speaker
She was incredibly natural on stage, always with asmile on her face; and was inspiring, humorous and eloquent
Self Made Mentee
"Could not wait to give this recommendation! Thank you Bianca for what was an energetic, productive and gem filled morning. Not only are you down to Earth and caring but infinitely knowledgeable about business. Your easy going to appropriately challenging style was just right. You steered the conversation appropriately, whilst letting it organically flow. Questions were answered with a rare authenticity and always got to the point of the matter. During our 1-2-1 session you were able to get to the heart of the matter quickly, with clarity and a directional ability like a dart hitting a bulls eye. By the end of the session I had several key action points that I could go away and start actioning straight away.  In fact, I invested this morning in doing some of the things you advised. What can I say, value, value, value. What price can you put on clear, honest direction that you are able to implement straight away!!?? I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about it to work with Bianca (and Byron)  Thanks again!" Dayna Byfield- Self Made Mente
Personal Branding Workshops
"Bianca delivered excellent workshops on Personal Branding and Presentation Skills during my Induction Week at Accenture. Sessions were interactive and challenging; everybody had a great time while developing their skills. We didn’t even realise how time went by. Fantastic experience!" Razvan Solomon- Accentur
EY Parentaship
Personal Branding Workshops
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bianca most recently on the launch of the EY Parentaship - a first of its kind workshop for child and parent duos exploring the world of work together. I joined one of her sessions at the launch and she was engaging, knowledgeable and certainly knew her stuff. She made all of the parents and children feel at ease from the start; our talent partner Maggie has commented on how inspirational Bianca was. We had such fantastic feedback from our first event that we’ve invited her back for our regional workshops in March." Steve Keith- E
Motivational Talk
"I have had the privilege of of hearing Bianca on a number of occasions and I am constantly in awe of how she draws you into what she is discussing and makes you feel part of the experience. Professional, knowledgeable and with the great ability to hold an audience, Bianca has a great way of bringing her presentations to life. It was a delight to host her alongside EPAA for the Career Masterclass and I look forward to being able to work with her again on future events." Simone White, FEPAA -Blackroc
Accenture September Schemes
Personal Branding Workshops
‘Bianca was fantastic - a really energetic speaker who really understood how to convey her message. I learnt a lot.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘.Bianca was very professional and enthusiastic which created a very pleasant atmosphere for everyone to feel motivated to participate.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Bianca was amazing she had loads of great tips I had not heard before and was incredibly engaging.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Excellent session, Bianca was fantastic and I think everyone came away having gained a better insight into the subjects.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘I really feel that this session will help me network in Accenture, which will allow me to develop as an analyst.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Really useful, something that is rarely taught so well and so effectively.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘It was very useful I went home and started to implement some of her suggestions .’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘I believe it will truly help me with my career within Accenture.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘She clearly had a lot of experience, which she was able to utilise to demonstrate her knowledge.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘She was a great representation of her own message regarding personal branding and networking.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Lead by example and illustrated each point visually .’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Bianca has obviously trained a lot of people and knew what she was talking about. Her own presentation style and confidence demonstrates her expertise in communication, networking and presenting..’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘She focussed on everyone individually. That approach worked well.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Bianca really encouraged us to interact with each other as well as her and that was really helpful in terms of understanding what she was explaining to us!’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘Asked everyone to engage, which made me feel comfortable to participate.’ Accenture Schemes September 2017 ‘The trainer was very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to participate. The environment she created motivated everyone to feel comfortable to express their ideas..’ Accenture Schemes September 201
City Lit- International Womens Day
I just wanted to say on behalf of my department a huge Thank You for the way in which you co-ordinated from your end, Bianca’s delivery of her keynote speech for International Women’s Day!  From the initial contact  (with Byron) and throughout (with yourself) the communication and process has been seamless, accommodating and indeed extremely professional. It was a pleasure to meet and host Bianca yesterday. We have had so much positive verbal feedback. We all agree that Bianca is a dynamic and inspiring speaker and an authority in her own right. Individuals gained clarity, direction and encouragement as it pertains to their own journeys of entrepreneurship. So many have asked when we will be having Bianca back.  I would like to say a special Thank You to Bianca for accepting our invitation and for making our first IWD event a success! Tamikah Andrew-Thoma
 It was an engaging session, we would use you again. We spoke to a few delegates who said the session was “very enjoyable”, “useful for my career progression” Alana Rae Assistant Lead for the Centre of Excellence for Mobility Benefits


Michelle Nebel Vice President at Barclays It was a pleasure to meet Bianca at Barclays. I found her presentation inspirational. She provided some useful hints and tips for navigating the choppy waters of commercial life for women in business
Frank Y. Owusu Associate Digital Strategy & Innovation Consultant at KPMG It was an absolute pleasure to have Bianca come in for the KPMG X Bianca Miller Networking & Personal Branding workshop. Bianca has great energy and fantastic delivery and really kept the group constantly engaged. The workshop was of a great quality and really highlighted issues which many of us are unaware of as these are skills that are usually always spoken of but not explained prescriptively. Overall, the workshop was a massive success and the feedback for Bianca was extremely high. She did a fantastic job and really helped us all collectively and individually learn more as a group

We believe that each individual needs to identify what they want their personal brand to represent; the brand is a unique illustration of their character, knowledge and skill set. Our aim is to help individuals realise their full potential through by defining their personal branding strategy. We help individuals to make the most of their full potential without stifling their uniqueness.

For over a decade, The Be Group, founded by Bianca Miller-Cole has been tasked with supporting a plethora of impressive organisations to inspire workforce potential. We work across all industries and support people at every stage of their career, helping employees to understand the link between their personal brand and the brand of the organization. 

We have worked with a roster of clients including Microsoft, PWC, Accenture, Clifford Chance, CMS LLP, Tesco, AMEX, HSBC, Black Rock, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, JP Morgan, Google, Facebook, BT, Facebook, De Beers to name a few.


Our mantra is simple we provide clear, actionable and interactive sessions that support the learning outcomes of each individual. The career landscape is always evolving and so are we, to ensure our clients get the very best information. 


We pride ourselves in providing an immersive and interactive experience. Encouraging our delegates to build relationships during the session.


We share information that is action oriented, we want our delegates to be able to put the wheels in motion straight away.


We provide useful, relatable, and relevant information that can be implemented immediately into their career plans


We challenge the delegates to push themselves to set clear career goals and to  think about the active steps they can take in the present to support their future aspirations

personal branding workshop

Personal Branding Workshops

A personal brand and profile is one of the most powerful and impactful parts of ones career. When armed with the right information, tools and techniques individuals will know how to build, protect and utiise their personal brand to enhance their career trajectory. In todays highly competitive world, it is necessary to build visibility, reputation and a make a confident contribution to the organisation. Those who attend the session will have tangible tips to create their own personal branding strategy, advocate for themselves and improve their confidence. This introduction to personal branding includes an overview of all 4 pillars of our unique framework P.A.C.K. (Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge).

According to the research of leading recruitment firm Michael Page Group, intrapreneurship was the number one ‘in demand skill’ for 2020. Bianca Miller Cole is a serial award winning entrepreneur and has worked with a plethora of employees across the corporate world. She understands the needs of the corporate world and how each employee can contribute to the bottom line by activating an entrepreneurial mindset. 

This clever training helps each person to see themselves as the ‘entrepreneur within their career’ by adopting a solution oriented mindset, they are able to seek out a problem and become a fixer within the organisation.

They say your ‘network is your networth’ and in this current environment it is essential to build a reputable and visible on and offline network. In “Networking in Practice: Effective Networking Skills,” attendees will learn how to find, maintain, and grow a professional network that can support them in their career. The session will cover the basics of networking, the importance of building a network, and strategies for making connections, including creating an elevator pitch and navigating social situations. 

On longer sessions we will also discuss how to use social media to further networking opportunities and build your personal brand. We will help participants understand how to leverage their online presence and activities on social media for professional benefit. This includes using their hobbies, experience, and interests to build a following, network, and enhance their profile in order to find new opportunities and/or build connections.

Having won an award from LinkedIn in 2015 as a ‘Power Profile Leader’ Bianca appeared in the Top 10 out of 20 Million members in the UK, she will share her tactics to build a credible online brand, building new relationships and linkedin connection strategy.

This workshop will educate attendees on how to structure and deliver a presentation confidently and the ability to engage, educate and communicate with their audience. During the workshop the cohort will be shown body language, breathing technique and the elements required to create a powerful presentation. The session also enables the attendees to practice a presentation and receive feedback to enable them to become pitch perfect.

In this tutorial and workshop, attendees will learn how to build their personal brand in order to boost their confidence and stand out in the job market or when joining a new organization. This more in-depth session will focus on helping participants actively develop their personal brand. This session is essential for any returner (return to work) programme or redeployment initiative due to cost cutting or redundancies.

This workshop will focus on effective communication, both face-to-face and in written form. The three key aspects of face-to-face communication (verbal, vocal, and visual) will be discussed, as well as strategies for successful business communication via emails and social media. In addition, the workshop will cover how to create an effective CV that showcases your skills and personality. There will also be a session on interview techniques, including how to answer questions, what to expect in an interview, and how to use your experience to your advantage. These techniques have helped both job seekers and those seeking internal promotions to succeed in finding the right role.

The “Entrepreneurship & Start-Up Business Course” is an intensive workshop designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses. Led by experienced and award-winning entrepreneurs, the session will provide valuable insights and real-life examples (both successes and challenges) to guide participants on the path to success and avoid costly mistakes. In addition to improving business prospects, this workshop will offer a deep understanding of the world of business from the perspective of a founder.

We offer personalized personal branding strategy creation and coaching services to meet the specific needs of individual clients. In addition to our workshops and consultations, we offer private hands on expert coaching in the area of personal branding, we have many executive clients who are climbing the career ladder and entrepreneurs who want to understand how to ensure their personal brand and online brand profiles stand up to scrutiny and that they are a relevant illustration of their value and trajectory. We work with individuals and their teams to create strategic goals and plans that are clear, actionable and fit their purpose. Ensuring that their brand furthers the business ambitions and aligns with the company brand.

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