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Bianca Miller–Cole is an award-winning Entrepreneur and founder of The Be Group, a consultancy specialising in personal branding, image consultancy and employability skills training. She has worked with clients including HSBC, Accenture, AMEX, Olswang LLP, Google, BT, EY, LSE and Kings College London. She is also the author of the soon to be published book Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Startup Success. 

In addition, discerning a gap in the market, serial entrepreneur Bianca launched ‘Bianca Miller London’, a new hosiery brand, stocked in leading retailers, Topshop & QVC (to name a few), which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions. Bianca pitched this idea in the final of BBC business competition, The Apprentice, in 2014, which was the springboard for the launch of Bianca Miller London.

In January 2016, Bianca was awarded the prestigious ‘Power Profile’ award from Linkedin as one of the top 10 most powerful leaders on the networking platform. She was chosen from 20 million members in the UK and is joined in this list by household names like Richard Branson, James Caan and David Cameron.

Bianca is an engaging and inspiring speaker and her keynote topics include:

  • Dreams to Reality
    Bianca provides a vivid explanation of her journey from a child interested in business to being an award winning entrepreneur, author and influencer. Documenting each step along the way with with the energy and humour to motivate any audience. This inspired talk provides an insight into the story of a young woman who has made her dreams a reality and pin points the steps for her audience to do the same!
  • Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up
    Including lessons from her forthcoming book; understand the key steps and top tips to building your business from inception to fruition, including the importance of building a credible online brand.
  • Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business
    Learn how to convert social media into revenue, effective time management and how to sell, grow and collaborate intelligently.
  • Personal Branding and High Impact Leadership
    An insight into the practical steps on how to build your personal brand and cultivate your network in order to influence and lead with impact. This is an interactive session which will include discussion of an individual’s PACK: Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge.


Bianca appears on broadcast media, is Ambassador for the UK domain family operated by Nominet, and the official “face” of the My 365 Microsoft Office business campaign for start-ups.

Bianca Personal Brand and High Impact Leadership

Bianca Keynote: Dreams to Reality

Bianca Entrepreneurship & Building a Start Up

Bianca Creating an intrapreneurial culture



Jon Cooper
Delivery Service Management, Accenture
Bianca Miller recently supported our September 2015 Accenture internships programme. Bianca delivered two skills sessions to our interns. The skills session focused on individuals’ personal brand & presenting styles. Bianca had a wonderful style and connected with the group immediately. The feedback from the interns has been extremely positive and I would welcome Bianca back anytime
Niami Collett
Widening Participation Officer
Bianca Miller of Be Employed UK delivered a ‘personal branding’ session to pupils in year 8 (14 year olds) as part of LSE’s ‘Promoting Potential’ Summer School in August 2012. The pupils enjoyed the interactive nature of the session and were practising the network skills they had been taught long after the session had ended. The use of relevant visual aids, as well as Bianca’s ability to engage the cohort, meant the session was received positively, with 16 of the 19 pupils giving the session the highest rating of ‘Very good.’ LSE’s Widening Participation team will be using Be Styled UK to deliver pre-work experience sessions to our sixth form students on the Pathways to law programme and would highly recommend this service to organisations that are keen to develop the ‘softer skills’ and confidence that pupils often lack
Anna Burszta
Product Analyst for Global Corporate Payments
Personal Branding & Effective Communication Workshops for AMEX June 2015. Delegates from entry level graduates to C-Suite Executives: “Once again thank you for your cooperation and support. We will definitely recommend Bianca’s services to anyone who could benefit from it.
Tunji Akintokun
Director of Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS at Cisco Systems
Bianca did a great job inspiring our audience. Bianca is an inspirational, hardworking entrepreneur who is using her exceptional skill and influence to encourage business leaders and the next generation of entrepreneurs
Mark Nicholson
Doxa Partnership
On behalf of Doxa Partnership I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our guest and keynote speaker at the launch of the Barn on Saturday 7th February, 2015. Your speech was very stimulating, inspirational and motivating. It was indeed an honor to have you at our launch and many were impressed by what you had to say. All the very best to you and your endeavours
Julia Ruddick
International Women's Day 2015
I just want to say how fabulous Bianca is and so so friendly. I personally think she is amazing and has such a lovely aura and it was lovely to see and hear a speaker full of youth and energy
Lewisham, March 2015
Bianca’s speech was truly inspirational and on point. Have had a lot of feedback from the apprentices saying how well they related to the points she made and thought she was inspiring. The service received from the team was perfect. Keep up the good work
Anna Stevens-Smith
University of the Arts London
I just wanted to say how inspirational and helpful she was. She is supportive yet honest and has really helped me make up my mind in what I want to do. I feel I have walked away thinking much more clearly with a strong action plan
Zoe Brown
Accenture Management Consulting
Bianca delivered a very inspiring and insightful session on building your own brand and honing presentation skills to deliver effectively to your target audience. The session was highly interactive and engaging, and due to Bianca’s very approachable nature students felt comfortable to raise questions and ask for her opinion on matters. A fantastic workshop, which shared many constructive tips and useful advice that can be applied in daily life and in the workplace. Thank you Bianca
Presenting for Success Workshop
Accenture Workshop
‘Very useful, also for the rest of our professional lives. ’   ‘The main points have been mentioned to me before so I feel like the most important thing in this session was actually practicing a presentation.’   ‘Was good to do a presentation and get feedback.’   ‘Again, as yesterday, very good, a lot of interaction required.’   ‘Bianca is very approachable and she demonstrated that you can ask her any questions without being judged.
Personal Branding Session
American Express
“Once again thank you for your cooperation and support. We will definitely recommend Bianca’s services to anyone who could benefit from it.”   "Great session. tangible learning points to take away and put into practice both in and out of work. Bianca was a great speaker, makes things easy to understand and take things on board"   "Elevator pitch essential for all sorts of occasions"  
Global Bank Feedback
Quotes from Delegates
“Brilliant speaker, I came along to accompany a friend and learnt a lot. Her enthusiasm was infectious!”   “Amazing!! Found out stuff I didn't know despite already being confident!”   “Individual who gave presentation was encouraging, inviting and motivating!”   “The presenter did really well!”   “Really useful – especially since I am currently in the application process"   “This was very different to what we have seen elsewhere!”   “Never been to a session like it - very interesting!”   “Really good to know how to make a memorable first impression!”   “I can’t believe it only takes 7 seconds for people to make a first impression”   “Very insightful in learning about developing yourself, very good way of staying focused through the use of various exercises”   “Very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable facilitator”   “Best session I have attended – very helpful!
Jyoti Rajdev
Rupam Pharma Limited
Bianca has an excellent communication and networking skills. She always delivers her work within 24 to 48 hours which is impressive and I highly recommend her business mentoring. She followed up my face to face session on the day by email and I was happy that I got to speak to a business advisor within 48 hours. I will recommend her for her work to any age group. She has a lovely, warm and pleasant personality. I wish her all the luck in the world for her Bianca Miller London tights
Fenstanton Primary School
Business Game Session
"Our pupils loved every second of the workshop and were very inspired by what they had seen and learned. They certainly have a better understanding of the skills required to become a successful business person and of the importance of working as part of a team. We would definitely use Be Employed UK again." "I really enjoyed working with Bianca. She inspires me because she is her own boss and she’s responsible." "She comes with lovely ideas and I loved her workshop because designing requires teamwork and I worked with people I hadn't worked with before."  
The Urswick School
All of the students left feeling motivated and inspired. Our students sometimes struggle to understand the importance of being employable and Bianca approach really helped. ‘Bianca is simply amazing’. Bianca Miller is more than just the ‘lady from The Apprentice’ she is an inspiration to all young people. Thank you so much for working with the students from The Urswick School
Isleworth and Syon School
Personal Branding Workshops and Motivational Talks
I believe Be Employed UK helped our students as it was relevant to all of them. It covered the needs of those looking to go into work and those who will be attending university interviews and those who maybe needed a bit more self-confidence. We will definitely be using the company again. The workshops delivered were inspiring, informational and creative. Bianca has the students engaged from the beginning and worked hard to get them all involved and captivated. Members of staff commented on how they ‘wish they had something like this whilst they were at school’. Students said it was ‘useful’ and ‘made them think about things they had no considered before for example the elevator pitch’. Some students immediately after the session went into the Library to work on their CV’s which is very encouraging to see as it meant the workshop had clearly made an impact on their thinking. I will recommend Be Employed UK to other members of staff and other schools
Segi. A
Interview Coaching with Bianca Miller May 2015
Be Employed UK has given me an excellent framework to apply when approaching interviews, writing CV’s and covering letters. Working with Bianca has been incredibly motivating and her coaching has given me the confidence to truly focus on my chosen career path. I would definitely use Be Employed UK again. I have had a fantastic experience with Be Employed UK and they have been professional and knowledgeable every step of the way. Bianca offered excellent career advice which I am confident will put me in the best position to secure the job I want in my chosen field. I highly recommend using Be Employed UK to hone interview skills or advise on any important career decision
Preston Manor School
Motivational Talk
The business game was great. It stretched the students to think about extra costs that are involved in running a business that they would never have thought of. This was a truly brilliant morning! The students were carefully selected to complete different workshops. Our most able students did the business game and this did stretch them (especially when calculating the finances). “I can’t believe Bianca Miller came to our school!” “Bianca really helped me think about what I want to do when I grow up!
Alison – Marketing Manager, Sydenham High School
Personal Branding Workshops
Just to say we’ve had a fantastic afternoon with Bianca.  She gave a great workshop with the sixth form and the Q&A sessions was so lively that we had to draw it to a close so Bianca could get to the celebration tea
Harlow College
Personal Branding Workshops
"Fantastic afternoon. The students have now been made more aware of personal branding and ways to improve on this going forward."   "It helped with making them aware about how they should present themselves in the work place and to be more reflective as to maybe how they could be perceived by others."   "Please pass on a huge thank you from Harlow College to Bianca and the team the students really enjoyed the session and found the tips and practical elevator pitch part productive."
Personal Branding and Action Planning Session
Kingston University
Miriam Osondu- “Personal branding and action planning - as it applies to everyone no matter what they hope/plan to do and achieve.”   Davina Tailor- “It was helpful to learn how to improve employability.”   Fatemah Dewji- “I really found goal building and personal branding very useful.”   Malgortaza Hussain- “Personal branding - great delivery by a passionate person. I think for someone who already has a DP in place it's a fantastic”   Zoey Barnes- “Bianca Miller is great- Bring her back”   Anahita Peyfoon-“Personal branding and action planning were so useful and informative.”  
Sutton Trust Summer School
King's College London
Pupils from a widening participation background are eight times less likely to attend a selective university than their well off counterparts. Once these students graduate, they face significant hurdles to entering the employment market, often due to a lack of contacts and prior knowledge about professional sectors. The Be Group offer an essential service introducing pupils and students to the concept of professional networking and preparation for the world of work. Delivering sessions to year 12 students on the Sutton Trust summer school at King's College London and to year 8 pupils on the Promoting Potential summer school at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Bianca Miller and her team have proved to be a fundamental element of widening participation activities. The students connect with Bianca's age appropriate delivery and leave her sessions ready to give 'firm handshakes, elevator pitches, enter and leave a conversation, manage their social media profile, ask for business cards and follow up after a networking event.' Bianca's 'Networking for the Legal Profession' delivered at Allen & Overy to the Pathways to Law students before their work experience received one of the highest ratings and is testament to the interactive and high quality information, advice and guidance offered
John Ruskin College
Employability Session
“Very helpful and useful for future references.”   “Thank you for your time, it was amazing”   “I learnt to take opportunities and gain as much experience and as many skills as possible.”   “I learnt about confidence building, interview techniques skills on professionalism.”   “I learnt how to write a CV, introduce myself and how to give a brief about myself.”   “I learnt about the website LinkedIn and I am now aware of how to network with like minded individuals”   “I learnt that body language and eye contact are one of the most important techniques in an interview.”   “Bianca was a very professional and confident speaker.”
London Academy School
Networking in Practice
“I learnt how to introduce myself within 30 seconds” “To know more about the employment world” “I learnt that visual and tone is very important in speeches especially when meeting someone new.” “How to get new contacts, and get out of the D zone” “P.A.C.K is key” “How to write my CV and how to approach later in life interviews” “I really liked the ‘some will, some wont, so what?’ It really helped my nerves for hosting the show.” “How to social network with people and that its not only who you know its also who knows you” “Awesome” “How to network and shake hands.. I like the woman a lot, she was very nice” “How to be more confident about networking” “How to make an elevator pitch
Student Enterprise & Employability
University of the Arts London : GradLab
"It was useful to understand the perspective of the employers, what they are looking for."   "Fun and engaging"   "Bianca is a very good speaker. I felt motivated."   "I enjoyed that the presenters were informal and allowed us to speak with each other."   "I really enjoyed and liked the way this has been presented."   "Just a bit quick sometimes - hard to catch up on the points made but overall helpful!"   "It was very helpful and a great insight."   "Interesting, clear delivery, very informative. Step by step guide was useful and will put me on the right track. Thank you."   "Really think Bianca delivers the talks with clarity and confidence and I feel genuinely informed."   "Very well spoken and great interactive speaker - engaging."   "Great!
CV Workshop & Networking in Practice
Networking in Practice
“I used to always avoid official networking events, so it was really useful learning about the basics of one’s conduct at professional networking events”   “Very Inspirational”   “I learnt little details about my CV that I had not thought about before”   “I gained confidence on what to do whilst networking”   “I feel this will prepare me for the future”   “How to start an elevator pitch was very useful”   “I learnt how body language contributes to disposition and how to build and MAINTAIN contacts”   “We need more events like this at university, and probably these events should be advertised in the reception, as I personally missed the events in the university email”   “I learnt tips on how to engage in conversation, how to present myself and useful websites."   “Bianca is very relatable and has an engaging disposition. The CV workshop was so useful and I can’t wait to update my work experience”
Comments from Delegates
Personal Branding Workshops
“I learned the importance of a brand in both social and professional situations”   “I really commend both Bianca and Juila for presenting this opportunity for UAL students.. Bravo!”   “Branding has to be consistent and will keep evolving over time”   “Useful tips about presentation skills and made me more motivated and confident”   “I was aware of many of the things discussed at the session, but the presenter brought her practical approach and knowledge which was extremely useful”   “Very good session that gave me motivation to work on my own personal branding”   “I’m interested in TV presenting, so personal presentation is key to me and I believe there is always something to be learnt."   “I learnt more in 3 hours here than in the year long work programme”   “Definitely coming back next week!”  
Sanjeevan Valanju, Director
Hired Bianca as a Personal Branding Specialist Faculty Trainer in 2012
Bianca is an outstanding lady full of confidence, charm and poise. She knows her craft well and also demonstrates the humility to learn and absorb new influences and insights. She was instrumental n delivering some of our most highly rated training sessions across various UK Universities for a global bank recently. We would have no hesitation in recommending her as a perfect combination of professional expertise and personal effectiveness who delivers an outstanding training experience
Adele Browne
Head of Student Placements
Bianca delivered a highly enjoyable and beneficial session to our students at De Montfort University, covering personal brand and profile when applying for placements. The session gave practical, accessible and achievable advice that students could identify with and put straight into practice. For example a simple role play about breaking into a conversation when networking was very funny and instructional. Bianca has a great tone for engaging with students - sincere, fun, and speaking to them as the adults that they are. Nothing seemed too much trouble and I'd recommend any university to invite The Be Group to their campus
Taj Singh
Entrepreneur and Opportunity Seeker
Bianca visited Bucks New University she was an amazing inspiration. She is a woman of great wisdom and wise words. I have been following her ever since the apprentice and I must say she has been spectacular with her performance
Shane McComb
Senior Teacher (Head of Health & Wellbeing Faculty and Head of BTEC/ Vocational Subjects)
Big thanks to Bianca for running workshops and an assembly with our wonderful KS4 & KS5 kids at Barnhill! Our kids were buzzing after the sessions and are asking already for her to return. An excellent role model for the youth of today and someone who we will definitely have return to our school in the near future. Highly recommend her for all schools!
Accenture Schemes July 2016
Feedback from Delegates
‘The workshop was really interesting as she asked us lots of questions and encouraged us to speak to other people around the room.’   ‘Was encouraged to talk to someone not already spoken to today, helping to build my confidence of talking to new people.’   ‘At times it felt a little bit contrived, but the sessions were enjoyable and I think we'll have the opportunity to use the skills we've learned in the near future.’   ‘Bianca was very personable and easy to talk to and provided a lot of handy tips without being pedantic! ’   ‘Bianca had a strong knowledge of personal brand and networking’ ‘I've done similar workshops before but this was good for refreshing my knowledge before the internship properly starts.’   ‘I did find there were a few key messages such as how to approach people at a networking event and your elevator pitch’   ‘Really enjoyed the session with Bianca it was very interactive and lots of important information about personal branding.’   ‘Loved it! Bianca was entertaining and engaging!’   ‘One of the best type of sessions I've been to like this. Trainers enthusiasm was great’   'I gained something which I can use in future
Michelle Nebel
Vice President at Barclays
It was a pleasure to meet Bianca at Barclays. I found her presentation inspirational. She provided some useful hints and tips for navigating the choppy waters of commercial life for women in business
Nazreen Visram
Head of Citizenship for Corporate Banking at Barclays
Bianca recently delivered an inspiring and engaging talk to our multicultural and women's networks. She provided really useful and practical tips on areas such as personal branding, networking and communication skills, that can be applied in all walks of life. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker in any organisation. Bianca is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again very soon
Victoria Darragh, ABILD TAP.cert
Chief Executive at Executive and Personal Assistants Association Ltd
Bianca was our keynote speaker at the launch of the Executive & Personal Assistants Association in January 2016 and wow what a speaker she was! Bianca presented on her career story to date, plans for the future and most importantly tips for success for anyone, regardless of your profession. She tailored it fantastically for our audience of EAs and PAs and I know they felt hugely empowered and inspired by her drive and story. She is a utter delight to work with and highly interacts with her audience on the lead up to the event, at the event and afterwards too, which is so important to me as a booker. Bianca spent a massive chunk of time speaking to EAs and PAs after her speech and this is what brings it all to life for me. I would highly recommend her to speak at any event, she will be incredible to have as part of your line up
Mary Folakemi Agbesanwa
BSc Economics Graduate ǀ Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2016 - Aspiring Talent Award Winner
Bianca was the Keynote Speaker at the Women in Finance Society Conference, Working World Ready 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and having Bianca at our event. She was a very engaging speaker who brought interesting ideas and topics forward. She also arrived early and was fantastic about pictures and answering questions
Maureen Bailey
ISN Leading Ladies Programme
Fantastic contribution to the ISN Leading Ladies Programme today.  Bianca’s warmth, enthusiasm and excellent tips really helped the women. Keep up the great work
Motivational Talk
I think it was great for Bianca to attend and inspire our youth; they really enjoyed hearing her inspirational account of how she has become a young successful business woman. The networking session with Bianca after the event received really good feedback from attendees too. We would definitely consider using Bianca for future events
The Urswick School
Motivational Talk
All of the students left feeling motivated and inspired. Our students sometimes struggle to understand the importance of being employable and Bianca approach really helped. ‘Bianca is simply amazing’. Bianca Miller is more than just the ‘lady from The Apprentice’ she is an inspiration to all young people. Thank you so much for working with the students from The Urswick School
Start up Awards ‐ University of Sussex
University of Sussex
Bianca was our keynote speaker at the Start-Up Sussex Award Ceremony. She created an atmosphere of positivity, confidence and inspiration particularly as Bianca is an alum of Sussex
Kingston University
Kingston University
Student Ambassadors Action Planning   Miriam Osondu- “Personal branding and action planning as it applies to everyone no matter what they hope/plan to do and achieve.” Davina Tailor- “It was helpful to learn how to improve employability.” Fatemah Dewji- “I really found goal building and personal branding very useful.” Malgortaza Hussain- “Personal branding great delivery by a passionate person. I think for someone who already has a DP in place it's a fantastic” Zoey Barnes- “Bianca Miller is great‐ Bring her back” Anahita peyfoon- “Personal branding and action planning were so useful and informative.”    
Frank Y. Owusu
Associate Digital Strategy & Innovation Consultant at KPMG
It was an absolute pleasure to have Bianca come in for the KPMG X Bianca Miller Networking & Personal Branding workshop. Bianca has great energy and fantastic delivery and really kept the group constantly engaged. The workshop was of a great quality and really highlighted issues which many of us are unaware of as these are skills that are usually always spoken of but not explained prescriptively. Overall, the workshop was a massive success and the feedback for Bianca was extremely high. She did a fantastic job and really helped us all collectively and individually learn more as a group
Melissa Warren
Bid Manager at KPMG
Bianca ran her branding workshop for the KPMG women’s network in Canary Wharf. A very talented woman, her session was both engaging, funny and informative. If you’ve not had the chance to attend one of her workshops, you’re missing out! She’s one to watch. Good luck Bianca
Northampton University Employability Week
Motivational Talk
"Bianca was fantastic!!!! Her energy from start to finish was inspiring and her presentation was faultless. The group of ladies that attended were buzzing for the rest of the day and have already sent me e-mails to set up more sessions in the future"
London School of Economics and Political Science
Motivational Talk
"Bianca’s speech which was a part of the Black Achievement Conference at the London School of Economics was excellent and very well-received by pupils, parents and teachers. One parent wrote about the conference  “I would like to congratulate you all on a fabulous Black Achievement conference on Saturday. The organisation and delivery was first class. As a parent I thank you for giving my daughter And myself the opportunity of participation. The strong messages of success and achievement Throughout the day have left an impact on Both of us.  Thank you for all you hard work you are doing in championing the cause of narrowing the gap.” 
Networking and Personal – Mercer
Networking in Practice
"Very enjoyable, Useful for my career progression
University of Northampton
University of Northampton 19th October 2016 The whole team here as well as students and academics found Bianca to be an absolute pleasure. Her presentation was really well received and loved by all. She was inspiring, informative, great fun and really receptive to engaging with all
Allied World Assurance Company
Allied World Assurance Company – 11th October 2016 Jacqueline Falvey HR Manager We created a women's innovative networking group (WING) at our London office and were looking for an inspirational woman to come along and speak with our group. That's where Bianca came in. I knew of her from her Apprentice appearance, however I could not have been prepare for how fantastic she actually was!!!! Her energy from start to finish was inspiring and her presentation was faultless. The group of ladies that attended were from all different roles within the business from junior administrators to heads of departments. They also varied hugely in age, from early 20's up to early 50's. Bianca was fantastic!!!! She was able to relate with all levels and ages, and made an impact on the whole group. The ladies were buzzing for the rest of the day and have already sent me e-mails to set up more sessions in the future.’ Thank you Bianca, I hope to work with you again in the future
HSBC – 5th March 2015 Bianca is very personable and met our guests in a friendly and approachable way. She tells her story well, with humour, humility and candour; she was very well received
Personal Branding Workshops
Melissa Warren Bid Manager at KPMG Bianca ran her branding workshop for the KPMG women’s network in Canary Wharf. A very talented woman, her session was engaging, funny and informative. If you’ve not had the chance to attend one of her workshops, you’re missing out! She’s one to watch. Good luck Bianca

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