05 Jan 2018

A Time for Giving


All year round we should be giving our time and money to help those less fortunate, but Christmas in particular feels like a time when most people (who can) over indulge (food, drink and gifts).

As I get older I realise more and more, how very fortunate I am and its important to not only be grateful but to help others where possible.

So this year I reached out to Evolve (and one other charity, who sadly didn’t respond) to see how I could assist them by serving homeless people over the Christmas period.

Although you may know that I am an Ambassador for ‘Evolve Housing and Homeless’ charity, my position as ambassador was created to help those who wanted to start a business. More about the business programme this year coming soon.

But I reached out and asked if they needed help serving their customers Christmas dinner or anything else and they said they needed help with Christmas present deliveries at their centres.


Now I am not saying that it took a huge effort but I took half a day out on the 22nd delivering gifts to ensure they did not go without a present on Christmas day.


Sometimes it is the little things that matter, and if we all made a small contribution to charities like Evolve it would make a huge difference to society as a whole!

Want to see how the day went, take a look at my video here: