07 Jan 2019


Whether on YouTube, Netflix or live, a good motivational speaker can make a real difference. Listening to the words of an effective speaker can radically change your emotions in your current environment. Equally, they have the capacity to totally change your outlook on life and even your worldview. It seems almost magical to have the ability to control a mind, yet in essence this is truly what good motivational speakers do. Similar to the tricks of Darren Brown and the like, a good motivational speaker can consciously and subconsciously make a profound difference. Primarily, the choice of words can allow a more memorable experience, and allow what was said within the speech to linger in the minds of the audience. In extension, it takes a certain degree of creativity and lyricism to get the audience to engage and listen in the first place, as it would be fair to say mental change would be difficult if the audience were not listening.


Secondly, the way in which the good motivational speaker delivers the speech makes an enormous difference. Granted, they can be helped or hindered by the choice of venue or the logistical setup, but all in all it is the delivery which really counts. Within sales it is clear that a good salesperson can sell almost any product –  and I believe the same can be said for good motivational speakers. I wholeheartedly believe that a good motivational speaker has the capacity to change round the emotional wellbeing of even the most down and pessimistic person.


There are two main things I have learnt from watching good motivational speakers. The first thing that I have learned is how to be charismatic. A lot of good motivational speakers have excellent stage presence which can well and truly inspire and entertain a crowd. However, this is not always such an easy thing for people to do, because for some people such excitedness does not come naturally. These individuals, however, deliver charismatic presentations through their tone of voice and subtle use of linguistic devices. Some of the greatest motivational speakers are able to have subtle changes in the tone of their voice to emphasise certain lines. Moreover, they are able to pause at just the right time to allow their audience time to reflect and think actively. One of my favourite speakers is Martin Luther King Jr because his tone and language was particularly inspiring for me.


The second thing that I have learned is that to be considered as a good motivational speaker you need a clear and consistent message. You musn’t waver from this message because this message is what will bring you success and allow you to help others. This message should be precise and clear, but, above all, this message should reflect the steps you have taken to succeed in life.


So to conclude, by merging excellence in both wordplay and delivery a good motivational speaker can have a significant impact to absolutely everyone. To get in touch about more good motivational speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.