24 Jan 2019

Is motivational speaking an innate skill? This popular question is discussed more openly than ever before, as it is arguably visible that some people have a natural gift or flair for public speaking. However, I wholeheartedly disagree with this claim, especially of the back of my own personal experience. Within this blog, I will ascertain the particular benefits of youth motivational speaking, and how we can encourage our young people to become youth motivational speakers.

A parent watching their child give a school presentation to many people up on stage can evoke certain emotions. To some it may be brave, to others cute, and most certainly to the parents proud. But having been a young person I can say with confidence that youth motivational speaking is so much more than that. It extends further than class presentations on volcanoes or the Christmas nativity. At a young age, the possibilities are endless to train youth to be fantastic motivational speakers. Clearly, from the ages of around 10 plus, youth begin to gain an ability of creativity within language, and become articulate and even persuasive in the way they present their ideas. As they mature, with the correct nature this skill can develop into becoming fantastic youth motivational speakers. In addition, the lack of confusion and experience that youth have can often play as an advantage, as they tend to present points more clearly and develop ideas much more logically without the confusion of a fully educated and biased adult.

However, guiding today’s youth into such a complex and ruthless order tramadol online reviews industry is easier said than done. Often, youth motivational speakers must be educated in their subject, and must take communication classes in how to interact with various audiences. Since youth motivational speakers often lack the experience of their adult counterparts, they must be taught directly the tips and tricks most people would pick up over time, since the youth motivational speakers to not have the time to learn things as they do them.

Our fear of motivational speaking, and speaking in general, clearly originates in schools as we feel pressure from our classmates for being the centre of attention when speaking. Our angst towards social judgement from such an early age can create a stigma around youth motivational speaking. However, with help from schools and parents this taboo can be eradicated, and more and more youth motivational speakers will arise.  This is so fundamentally important now as there is such a gaping hole in the market for youth motivational speakers, and with the right training and practise this can be exploited.

For me, having started motivational speaking from such a young age allowed me to develop necessary communication skills required in early life way before anybody else, giving me that much-needed edge in the world of work. Youth motivational speakers gain so much more than a temporary sense of fulfilment from inspiring people – they gain skills for life. To get in touch about youth motivational speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.