30 Jan 2019

A speakers bureau is an organisation who are involved with providing speakers for clients for events, conferences or charity functions. The types of speakers can include motivational speakers, keynote speakers, conference speakers and so on. Speakers bureaus are often involved with providing clients with the correct style of speaker that they may need for an event. Essentially, the bureau acts as a “middle man” between a client and a speaker. The London Speaker Bureau is a group who act as a global resource and provide clients with keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisers. Let us now explore the work that the London Speaker Bureau does for its clients.


The London Speaker Bureau is a special organization because it offers speakers from a vast array of categories. The London Speaker Bureau offers speakers for the following categories: Business and Management, Future and Technology, Government and Politics, Leadership and Motivation and many more. Despite this only being a small portion of the categories that they cover, I think it is is impressive to see a group which offers such a wide array of speakers to cover so many different topics. As speakers bureaus go, The London Speaker Bureau is certainly ranked as one of the best due to its ability to provide speakers for almost any event. I would just like to explore some of the work that their speakers do to show you just how good they are.


The London Speaker Bureau offer services from Alain Robert – the world’s leading free climber who has climbed over 70 skyscrapers without ropes! Known to many as “the French Spiderman”, this man is a renowned speaker on the topic of motivation. I am sure you can imagine the motivation and courage required to ascend a building such as The Burj Khalifa, so to have Alain Robert as a resource to explain his journey is quite phenomenal. I, for one, am truly inspired by his work and have been enthralled by the stories of his climbs up some of the world’s largest buildings. The fact that The London Speaker Bureau offers his service is quite remarkable and reflects just how high calibre their speakers are.


In sum, the London Speaker Bureau is a world-class company who offer the services of many inspirational characters who have led some extraordinary lives. They are, in my opinion, a truly excellent corporation due to the fact that they have so many speakers who are able to cover so many different topics. To get in touch or for more information on speakers bureaus and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .