23 Feb 2019

I believe that keynote speakers are exceptional individuals with a tremendous gift; they have the ability to capture the essence of a message and share it in a concise, yet precise, manner. Not only are they concise and precise, but they also have the ability to inspire and do so in an enjoyable, comedic and charismatic manner. The fact that many keynote speakers possess these skills, and are able to exhibit them so well, makes the job of creating a list of keynote speakers very tricky. I would, therefore, only like to highlight two of my favourite keynote speakers. The reason that I would like to highlight the work of these two individuals is because they are very precise and clear with their delivery. Moreover, their approaches make them very accessible to a wide variety of audience members. This means that their message will be firmly imprinted in the minds of the individuals to whom they are presenting. They are, put simply, legendary speakers and that is the reason why they have made it onto my short list of keynote speakers.


The first keynote speaker that I would like to speak about is Alistair Darling. Alistair is well known as a labour politician and ex-Chancellor during the turbulent times that were the financial crisis. He is a prominent member within the world of politics and is able to present his wealth of knowledge on the topics of Brexit, the economic climate and the financial crisis. As Chancellor, Alistair is lauded for preventing the global recession from leading us into an almost inescapable abyss. The primary reason that Alastair is one of my favourite keynote speakers is due to his ability to make light of tumultuous times; in doing so, he is able to show his audiences just how important it is to remain rational in times of difficulty. Moreover, his ability to draw on past experiences means that he is able to give personal advice to audiences which they are far more likely to draw information.


Another of my favourite keynote speakers is Anders Indset. Anders is labelled as one of the biggest business philosophers due to his ability to provide a creative and informative perspective on “the art of thinking”. Anders is a particularly apt thinker and keynote speaker, since he is able to bring use the works of past philosophers in relation to the modern world which is dominated by technology. By doing so, he is able to show business leaders how to overcome issues in the modern world via methods of old; this is particularly difficult to do considering how convoluted philosophical theses can be. For these reasons, and for his sheer brilliance as a business philosopher, Anders Indset has a place on my list of keynote speakers.


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