15 Apr 2019

Motivation is a thing which is lacking among many people, in particular teenagers who are faced with important exams. We often hear the phrase “I can’t be asked” being thrown around, and the reason for this is because people simply are not motivated. Now, I understand that harnessing motivation is not easy, because it is not easy to find a source of motivation. But, with the internet now being a vessel containing as many sources as you want, not being able to find a source should not be an excuse. If you are reading this article, you should be capable of searching the internet for something which may give you the motivation that you desperately need. For me, listening to motivational speakers is particularly useful; therefore, I would highly recommend listening to speakers, if you find yourself lacking motivation. I would just like to briefly explain some of the things that speakers can do to offer you a means to becoming more motivated.


First of all, motivational speakers can teach you to truly appreciate yourself. Self-appreciation allows you to truly accept yourself, regardless of your flaws, therefore meaning that you are able to move towards a more positive outlook. By being more positive, you are likely to be more ambitious and notice the opportunities that life has to offer. Your newly found positivity will enable you to work as hard as you can towards these opportunities, whilst avoiding your previously inhibitory thoughts, thus meaning that you have found the motivation that you need to succeed. The simple tips given by speakers can teach you to love yourself, thereby allowing you to move one step closer to success. I highly recommend visiting conferences about self-appreciation, or simply searching YouTube for some motivational speakers who tackle the theme of self-appreciation.


Secondly, motivational speakers can teach you how to be disciplined and dedicated. By being disciplined, you will be entirely focused on your craft, thereby allowing you to channel all your energy into succeeding. This indirectly causes you to gain motivation, because by fully focusing on your chosen task, you are more likely to want to do well in it. Therefore, you will be motivated to achieve your goals and succeed.


Thirdly, motivational speakers can teach you to enjoy things. This is really important, because you will certainly not be motivated to do something, if you hate it. It is important, therefore, to dedicate yourself to something that you thoroughly enjoy. To get in touch or for more information on motivation, and Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk