17 May 2021

a motivational speaker


So, what is a motivational speaker? A motivational speaker is someone who delivers speeches to a range of audiences with the aim of motivating and empowering them along the way. A motivational speaker is someone who is an expert in their field and has the knowledge and advice to help those that attend their speech. They are able to help their audiences look at things from different perspectives and motivate and encourage them to change and take the required steps into becoming more successful as individuals.


A motivational speaker will help their audiences to focus on the audiences’ opportunities that are ahead rather than focusing on their problems. They will do this by using a range of persuasive speech tactics which will motivate and inspire their audiences.


A motivational speaker is also important as they share their own personal experiences whilst delivering their speeches. This shows that these motivational speakers can come from a range of different backgrounds and struggles and still be extremely successful in their field which helps create an intimate environment between the audiences and the motivational speaker. A motivational speaker will always reflect on their own life and see what struggles, disappointments, achievements and successes they can share that will be helpful and useful to the audiences they are delivering their speech to.


A motivational speaker can also be in different areas of expertise:


  • Personal development: This type of motivational speaker inspires and guides their listeners to find meaning and purpose in their life. They will usually give talks on a range of topics like motivation, inspiration or overcoming adversity.
  • Business: A motivational speaker that specialises in business talks to their audience and encourages and guides particularly business teams at a range of different levels. They usually have many years of experience in business, so they are able to share their own stories of success.
  • Community: A motivational speaker that specialises in community gives motivational speeches about important social and community issues. Their aim as a motivational speaker is to educate people and give them the power to take positive action.