07 Feb 2019

Have you ever noticed how certain terms just get thrown around when nobody really understands them? I can certainly say that I have been guilty of and on the receiving end of such actions. This issue is particularly prevalent in the field of motivational speaking and happens quite often with the term “speaking agency”. A speaking agency, or a speaker’s bureau, is a company which is responsible for providing clients with speakers for events. A speaking agency will often deal with motivational speakers, conference facilitators or keynote speakers (to name a few types of speakers). It is, therefore, fair to say that a speaking agency is essentially a provider of speakers; it could deal with a vast array of clients who need speakers for their events and is responsible for seeking the best talent available. Some of the best known speaking agencies include The London Speaker’s Bureau or Speakers Corner. These sorts of organisations are always seeking to find new talent, therefore I would like to explore the way in which you could attract the attention of a speaking agency.


The easiest way to get picked up by a speaking agency is by having a message. A speaking agency will be looking for an individual with a poignant message who they will believe will attract them lots of clients. Therefore, it is essential for speakers to develop their messages such that they are easily accessible by all people regardless of their age, gender, class or race (and so on and so forth). Most speakers use simple, short phrases as vessels of transmitting their clear and straightforward message. This is, in my opinion the most effective method of landing a contract with a speaking agency. If you attempt to attract attention with a long and convoluted message, you are nowhere near as likely to do so because people will find it hard to remember what it is that you said to them.
Another key to landing a gig with a speaking agency is to always be prepared and ready to go. If, for example, you are planning to deliver a keynote speech about a new device, make sure that you know all the key details well in advance so that you can prepare effectively and efficiently. By doing so, you are preparing to succeed and are limiting your chances of missing key details. Organization is key in all disciplines; however, it is vital when attempting to be a motivational speaker because it will allow you the best chance to get your presentation ready and avoid the drama of not being prepared. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole or speaking agencies please email bookings@biancamiller.uk ,call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk