17 Feb 2019

To some, philosophy is considered to be one of the most mundane topic. This, most commonly, is due to the “unanswerable” questions which instil rage in the brains of students. Moreover, the idea that philosophy is useless is because people believe that it has nothing to do with the real world. To these people I would simply say this – philosophy has everything to do with the real world. It is, in my opinion, a topic which solely focuses on the lives of humans and aims to answer questions or improve life. It, therefore, has a direct connection with the actions of famous motivational speakers who aim to improve the lives of others. Famous motivational speakers may be aware of this relationship with philosophy; however, the vast majority of people are unaware of its existence. Let me, therefore, explain the reasons that I believe philosophers and famous motivational speakers and not quite as dissimilar as people may believe.


One of the clear connections between philosophers and famous motivational speakers is their desire to question things in order to improve the way in which people live. Many of the most famous motivational speakers will question the way in which people live in order to make them aware of the bad habits that they may have. In doing so, they are able to force people to consider the way in which they are living in the hope that they can better themselves. The same can be said for philosophers, in particular for Socrates. Socrates claimed to not have any true knowledge of the world. Instead, he used a method of questioning people and logical tricks which allowed him to show faults in the logic and reasoning of those whom he spoke with. In this sense, Socrates was very similar to many of the modern era’s most famous motivational speakers because he questioned the reasoning of individuals in the hope that they would then see the faults in their reasoning.


Moreover, motivational speakers will have things in common with the English philosopher, John Stuart Mill. His paper, On Liberty, was famous due to his insistence on freedom from social restraints. Mill argued that we ought to all follow our personal desires and that “it is not conscientiousness but cowardice to shrink away from acting on their opinions”. In this way, MIll is very much like a motivational speaker, as the most famous motivational speakers often advocate pursuing one’s own goals. Moreover, they often advocate that we should do whatever we can to reach our goals.


In sum, there is a clear link between philosophers and famous motivational speakers. Perhaps more of us should read philosophy and listen to the words of famous motivational speakers so that we can better our lives. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole and famous motivational speakers please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk