19 Mar 2019


India is a country with a huge population. It is amongst the top five biggest populations in the world and therefore it is a country with many problems and conflicts within society. With problems, come people who aim to solve the problems, and some use inspirational speaking. I will be discussing two of the best inspirational speakers India has produced. One from the past, Mahatma Gandhi, and another who is more of a present face in Priya Kumar.


Mahatma Gandhi was famous for his opposition to British rule in India as he wanted independence for India. He often spoke in front of many people who attempted to follow his movement in a non-violent fight to gain independence for India. Many see him as the individual who is responsible for the largely prospering and independent India today. Gandhi once said “Doesn’t the New Testament say: ‘If your enemy strikes you on the right cheek, offer him the left.’” This non-violent approach seems to have worked in many movements including this particular one and the Civil Rights Movement of the USA which was led by Martin Luther King. The work which Gandhi did makes him one of the best inspirational speakers India has produced, especially because he was around at a time where India needed someone to step up to help them gain the independence the nation wanted. His role in the non-violent approach to gaining independence was a very moral approach which is why he is probably the best inspirational speaker India has produced, because of the magnitude of the task he had at hand

A recent buy xanax fast delivery inspirational speaker which India has produced is Priya Kumar who aims to inspire people to be the best they can be. India is a nation which can be seen as slightly backwards in their mentality compared to the other big economies in the world such as the USA because of things like the way they treat women. A woman coming out and aiming to inspire people to go out and do the best they can, would certainly provide the basis for other young girls or women to go and pursue their desires in a predominantly male-dominated society. Although Kumar doesn’t specifically target the women as her audience, she still provides women with the hope that they can do and achieve whatever they set their heart to. Kumar has written a few books on spreading her message to people about daring to dream; this message is particularly prominent in ‘Dare, Dream, Deliver’. This book is all about being ambitious and never giving up on dreams which you have. The book is a story of a man who dares to dream and in then end achieves his goals and Kumar’s aim is to spread this message to everyone because she understands how easy it is to give up. Kumar is amongst the best inspirational speakers India has produced in recent times, not only because she is a woman but also because she is someone who uses anecdotes to deliver her message and this certainly captivates audiences.


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