25 Mar 2019


Becoming motivated can be a hard task for many students. Students who suffer from overcrowded and intense routines are prone to give up and lose motivation. We have all looked for motivation tips online or in books that end up being hard to commit to. Here are 3 realistic motivational tips that any student can use to become more productive with their routine and more comfortable with their lives.

Motivation Tip #1 – 21 Day Rule

This motivation tip is crucial for the following tips to work. In order to change your daily routine, you may have to break or establish habits. With each new habit you create, you move a step further towards achieving your ideal level of productivity and motivation. To establish a habit, try to do the set task for 21 days in a row. By giving yourself a set time, you create an achievable and measurable goal. To ease the process, try setting alarms and reminders on your phone and making the task as easy to do as possible. For example, if the task was to walk the dog every day before school, you would be more likely to complete the task by setting an alarm prior or placing the lead on your doorknob the night before.

Motivation Tip #2 – Routines for everything

Your academic/work life is not the only priority you have. It is important to maintain a healthy social and sport life that surrounds your other duties. However, if you do not have a schedule that includes all of these aspects, you may find yourself overscheduling social time whilst neglecting academic time or vice versa. Draw up a plan of your regular week and see if you can point out clear examples of activities that you may be giving too much attention. Then create a schedule that gives set times for these 3 main aspects. It is also vital that you leave blank spaces for flexibility (Your life is not a well-oiled machine!).

Motivation Tip #3 – Find a Partner

Everything is easier in a team! Finding a partner or a group of friends who have a similar schedule to you may be essential to creating a feasible routine. It allows someone else to hold you accountable for your actions (and it’s also another person to disappoint if you slip up!). This should really push you to be punctual and keep your promises to yourself. This motivation tip works best when the people you work with are doing the same or similar courses to you.

If you follow these motivation tips, you’ll be sure to see some improvement with your work ethic. Don’t give up! Experiment with what works for your schedule: failure is part of the process! To get in touch or for more information on motivation tips and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk ,call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk