13 May 2021

Black motivational speaker


Being a successful motivational speaker means you are transparent in sharing your journey with others as well as sharing the knowledge you have acquired over the years. It is important to share valuable tips and tricks to leave your audience feeling inspired and motivated.


  1. Akala


Akala is a black motivational speaker who is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer and poet and is a label owner and social entrepreneur. Akala is well known for his compelling seminars and journalise, TV presenting and scriptwriting. His speeches cover a range of subjects including music, youth engagement, British African-Caribbean culture and the arts. He is known for being an extremely gifted black motivational speaker in which he captivates his audiences through the choice of words and is often called to speak at different events to help educate and inspire audiences.


  1. Anne-Marie Imafidon


Anne-Marie Imafidon is another extremely successful and inspiring black motivational speaker. She is the founder of Stemettes and has always been interested in business, maths and technology. She is extremely well known and respected in the tech space. She has spoken for some of the biggest digital companies including Facebook, ASOS, Google, SXSW and Founders Forum. She has also won many awards including being awarded an MBE in the 2017 New Year’s Honours for services to young women and STEM sectors. Her journey thus far is why she is an extremely successful black motivational speaker and continues to inspire those of her journey. She encourages young women to seek their dreams and to also motivate them into getting into the STEM and tech world.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging black motivational speaker and is an example of the successes in becoming a motivational speaker. Some of her keynote topics include her talking about ‘dreams to reality’, in which she shares her journey from her interest in business from a young age to becoming an extremely successful award-winning entrepreneur, author and influencer. By becoming a motivational speaker, Bianca is able to share her story and inspire many people around her. She aims to encourage and motivate those in pursuing their dreams and making them into a reality.

As a black motivational speaker, Akala, Anne-Marie Imafidon and Bianca Miller-Cole all share their journeys to success and continue to inspire their audiences. They are extremely successful in their careers and will continue to be invited to motivate others.