17 May 2021

Popular motivational speakers


Here is a list of popular motivational speakers that are exceptional in their fields and know how to inspire their audiences every time they deliver their speeches.


  1. Greg Searle MBE


Greg Searle MBE is one of Britain’s greatest rowers of all times and is an Olympic gold medallist. He is one of the popular motivational speakers as he shares his experience of elite performance and is transparent sharing his journey with his audiences. He is able to successfully captivate his audiences and uses a range of personal anecdotes, videos and images to bring his story to life. As well as inspiring his audiences with his achievements being an athlete and achieving so many things, he also inspires people into achieving their goals as they become the next generation of leaders.


  1. Karren Brady


Karren Brady is also on the popular motivational speakers list as she is the vice-chairman of West Ham FC, the Senior Non-Executive Director of the Syco and Arcadia Boards and the Small Business Ambassador for the Conservative Party. She has won many awards over the years including being named as Businesswoman of the Year and Inspirational Woman of the Year. She shares her successful journey with her audiences and inspires people into also achieving whatever they want to achieve in life. She is able to captivate people’s attention sharing her valuable knowledge and showing that regardless of who you are and where you come from you can be amazing and successful.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is also on the popular motivational speakers list as she is an extremely motivating and inspiring popular motivational speaker. She is the founder of The Be Group, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. Her company The Be Group aims to show that all people should be able to access services that help them in their personal development and to build their own personal brand. After appearing on the Apprentice in 2014 where she was a runner up, she launched her own diverse range of nude hosiery called ‘Bianca Miller London’ which was launched in November 2015. Her continuous achievements and successful businesses are what makes her one of the most popular motivational speakers as she inspires those around her, sharing her journey into becoming such a successful entrepreneur and being transparent with her audiences.



Greg Searle MBE, Karren Brady and Bianca Miller-Cole are some of the most popular motivational speakers as they are able to captivate their audiences and inspire those in the room. They are continuously achieving amazing things and sharing their valuable knowledge and advice with whoever they are faced with in the room.