17 May 2021

young motivational speaker


Being a young motivational speaker is inspiring as they are able to motivate and inspire audiences regardless of their age and share their journey thus far with the people in the room. They are succeeding in their field and continuously thriving and sharing their knowledge and passion with others, hoping to leave an impact on them too.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is a young motivational speaker that has succeeded and achieved many goals in her career. She is the founder of The Be Group, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. She appeared in the Apprentice in 2014 in which she was a runner up and continued to launch her own diverse range of nude hosiery called ‘Bianca Miller London’. She continues to inspire and motivate her audiences as she constantly goes from strength to strength and achieves the best in her field. As a young motivational speaker, she is determined, and her passion is projected onto her audience that are left motivated and ready to begin or continue their journey into success.


  1. Akala


Akala is a young motivational speaker who is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer and poet and is a label owner and social entrepreneur. Akala is well known for his compelling seminars and journalise, TV presenting and scriptwriting. His speeches cover a range of subjects including music, youth engagement, British African-Caribbean culture and the arts. He is known for being an extremely gifted young motivational speaker in which he captivates his audiences through the choice of words and is often called to speak at different events to help educate and inspire audiences.


  1. Ashley Banjo


Another young motivational speaker is Ashley Banjo who is the founder and creator of Diversity dance group which is one of the most successful Britain’s Got Talent winning acts. The dance group won in 2009, under Ashley’s amazing leadership skills and continuous success. His motivational speeches as a keynote speaker include talking about leadership, talent management, innovation and creativity. His continuous ability to innovate is why he is so successful in his field and is an inspiring young motivational speaker that will continue to motivate those he speaks to.


As a young motivational speaker, these people have been able to share valuable information that is not usually accessible and are so inspiring in the way they deliver their speeches.