17 May 2021

Great motivational speakers


There are many great motivational speakers that are experts in their field and know how to capture an audience and motivate and empower them leaving audience members fulfilled and excited for their own future. Here are some great motivational speakers that are worth looking into.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole

One of the great motivational speakers is Bianca Miller-Cole who is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of The Be Group. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is one of the great motivational speakers as she successfully delivers talks to a range of different audiences on a range of keynote topics. One of her keynote topics include talking about ‘dreams to reality’. Here she shares a transparent description of her journey from a child being interest in business to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, author and influencer. She shares her journey with her audience bringing energy and humour to the room and leaving her audience feeling motivated. She shows the successful story of a young woman who made her dreams into a reality and shares her knowledge and advice for the audience to take on for them to be able to the same. This is what makes her one of the great motivational speakers as she is so open and passionate about her work, and it radiates through to her audience.


  1. Fiona McKay


Fiona McKay is also one of the great motivational speakers being an advisor, influencer and speaker. She has spoken to many audiences from around the world and has inspired thousands of people throughout her journey. The main things she talks about is and very passionate about is gender equality, feedback, personal development, business turnaround and improved performance. She communicates complex ideas, whilst challenging her audiences to think deeper from a different perspective and motivating them to achieve the change they are seeking. She has been hugely recognised and won awards for her motivational speaking talent. Great motivational speakers like Fiona McKay are why public speakers are so important for people to feel motivated and excited about their own futures.


Bianca Miller-Cole and Fiona McKay are examples of great motivational speakers as their years of knowledge and expertise has now led them to encourage and inspire their audiences. They successfully captivate their audiences in the room and leave them feeling empowered and excited into beginning or continuing their journey as successful individuals.