01 Jun 2021

Great keynote speakers


Great keynote speakers are great because they are able to capture their audiences’ attention and are extremely successful in engaging and helping them as much as they can. They aim to motivate and inspire those they speak to which makes them great keynote speakers. Here are a few great keynote speakers that you should be aware of if you are not already!


  1. Akala


Akala is a one of the great keynote speakers. Akala is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer and poet and is a label owner and social entrepreneur. Akala is well known for his compelling seminars and journalise, TV presenting and scriptwriting. His speeches cover a range of subjects including music, youth engagement, British African-Caribbean culture and the arts. He is known for being one of the great keynote speakers in which he captivates his audiences through the choice of words and is often called to speak at different events to help educate and inspire audiences. He captivates, motivates and inspires his audiences that he speaks to sharing his journey and being transparent throughout.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


The second one on the list of great keynote speakers is Bianca Miller-Cole. Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging speaker in which she talks about different topics and inspires those around her. One of her keynote topics include ‘Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business’. This is where she speaks about how you can create revenue from your social media, how to effectively manage your time and how to sell, grow and collaborate. She is an example of how great keynote speakers can successfully speak about their passions and experiences and help those that may need that initial push or encouragement. She has spoken at many different events and has received recognition for her talent time and time again. She is one of the great keynote speakers that is extremely inspiring and motivating leaving her audience feeling fulfilled and content.


Akala and Bianca Miller-Cole are examples of great keynote speakers and they will continue to share their words of wisdom and continue to inspire and motivate their audiences!