01 Jun 2021

Keynote women


There are many keynote women speakers that are successful in their field and



  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging keynote women speaker in which she speaks about different topics and inspires those around her through sharing her journey into success. One of her keynote topics as a keynote women speaker includes ‘dreams to reality’ in which she shares a vivid and transparent explanation of her journey from being a young child interested in business to building her own empire in which she has won several awards for. She shares her journey through passion and energy to motivate her audience. She is one of the best keynote women speakers as she inspires young women and proves that your dreams can be made into a reality and shares the steps for her audience to be able to do the same!


  1. Deborah Meaden


Deborah Meaden is also one of the best keynote women speakers as she is known to be an investor on Dragon’s Den. She started her successful career by founding a glass and ceramics company in Italy. This then led her to investing in several companies and helping determined entrepreneurs in making their business a success. She is a successful and confident keynote women speaker as she shares her success in investing in companies and shares her useful tips and tricks for those in the audience that are interested in that business venture.


  1. Anne-Marie Imafidon


Anne-Marie Imafidon is another extremely successful and inspiring keynote women speaker. She is the founder of Stemettes and has always been interested in business, maths and technology. She is extremely well known and respected in the tech space. She has spoken for some of the biggest digital companies including Facebook, ASOS, Google, SXSW and Founders Forum. She has also won many awards including being awarded an MBE in the 2017 New Year’s Honours for services to young women and STEM sectors. Her journey thus far is why she is an extremely successful keynote women speaker and continues to inspire those of her journey. She encourages young women to seek their dreams and to also motivate them into getting into the STEM and tech world.