14 Jan 2019

Famous motivational speakers all have the same common characteristics. They are, for example, enthusiastic about their work. Often they do not treat it as a job, but rather as a duty – this mentality it perhaps what give them such a drive and such large amounts of passion when it comes to helping others. But, in the 21st century enthusiasm alone is not what makes famous motivational speakers so good. In this era, everyone has opened their eyes to the importance of motivational speaking, so, in theory, everyone has the potential to become one of the most famous motivational speakers. There are, however, certain traits which differentiate the best from the rest. Let us have a look at some of them now.


The first differentiating factor is the eloquent and articulate nature of the world’s most famous motivational speakers. It is a common misconception that in order to be articulate and eloquent, one must speak using the most formal register. I believe in order to be articulate, one must speak clearly and precisely. Precision in language allows for a clearer meaning – this is a common trait among the most famous motivational speakers. Such clarity ought to, in turn, breed confidence, since a speaker will feel truly confident in what they are saying.


Secondly, it is important to be persuasive. It is all well and good delivering a presentation with good points, but if this is done in an unpersuasive manner, it will not stick in the head of audience members. It is vital, therefore, that you persuade the audience that you are right. Repetition is a good way of instilling the key messages of your presentation into the heads of the audience members. Moreover, persuasive language is all the more useful because it gives the audience a sense of security in terms of what you are saying. Finally, I would recommend pausing after points which are particularly poignant so that the audience can have time to process what has been said to them.


The world’s most famous motivational speakers are brilliant when it comes to showing empathy. No matter how successful they may be, famous motivational speakers often find a way of relating themselves to the general public. This method avoids coming across as arrogant, and allows them to focus their speech towards the worries, needs and challenges that his or her audience may face.


In sum, to be like the world’s most famous motivational speakers I would recommend taking these points on board. For more information of how to be like the most famous motivational speakers contact bookings@biancamiller.uk  or visit www.biancamiller.uk .