16 Jan 2019

Lots of people try to go to conferences or events at which they can hear motivational speakers talk. This is a great idea; however, an individual could simply visit the website of a motivational speaker, should they wish for a similar service with less hassle. Motivational speakers’ websites often contain pages which explain the background of the speaker. Moreover, they also advertise events and conferences at which they may be speaking. Motivational speakers’ websites are the primary source for all the information that you may need about how to change your life for the better. Let us now look at what some motivational speakers offer on their websites.


Debra Searle – the author, BBC presenter and rower – uses her website to tell the world to “change your attitude … it’s not magic, it’s mindset”. This message of hers is seen all over her site and means that it is really accessible to members of the public. Her “About” page helps raise awareness of her monumental career, not only as a rower, but also as a speaker, author and presenter. Furthermore, Debra offers courses which can help people change their mindsets. These can be found on her website homepage. Another awesome feature of her site is that she vlogs. Vlogging is an easy way to get a message across because all you need to do is speak to a camera and upload the footage. By doing so, your message can be accessed globally by the millions of people looking for help.


Like Debra Searle, Eric Thomas also offers courses on his website. Thomas’ “Breathe University” is an online platform which allows you to develop and move towards your potential greatness. Thomas offers video course, a weekly call service, live events and access to numerous books and interviews. Moreover, Eric Thomas gives easy access to his youtube videos which are designed to inspire people in their movement towards greatness. Eric Thomas also provides a page to show how he has changed the lives of some of the people he has worked with. One of the stars he has worked with is the rapper Meek Mill. Meek has said that Eric “made me want to work harder and chase my dreams”.


Motivational speakers’ websites are full of content which is easily accessible by the public. These websites often provide courses which can help and inspire, thus they are truly a source to be cherished. For more information on motivational speakers’ websites visit www.biancamiller.uk  or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .