18 Jan 2019

Motivational speaking is a form of art. I have said it before and I will say it again. In order to be a motivational speaker, one requires courage, intellect and charisma. These three traits are common amongst most speakers worldwide. However, it is essential to remember that these traits do not just come to a person overnight. They require years of practice, preparation and hard work. It is for this reason that I have huge respect for all people who work as motivational speakers. A list of motivational speakers is a hard thing to create, merely because there are so many; however, my list of motivational speakers would most certainly contain the following people: Alec Stewart and Brenda Della Casa. Let me now give you a bit of information about why these three people feature on my list of motivational speakers.


Alec Stewart, known by his cricketing teammates and fans as the ‘gaffer’ of English cricket, is a remarkable leader and speaker. He has represented England 118 times and even led the side (he took over the captaincy from Michael Atherton in 1998). If that is not enough evidence of his excellence, he also on Radio 5, BBC Sport and Sky sports where he features as a cricket analyst. As a speaker, he delivers excellent presentations on how to be a leader and how to develop motivational skills. Of course, with his vast experience, he is able to recall knowledge from his cricketing days which inspire buy ambien online paypal both cricketing fans and those in need of advice. Moreover, his ability to use comedy within his presentations sets him high up on my list of motivational speakers. Alec Stewart’s hard-working and dedicated nature is what places him at the apex of any list of motivational speakers.


Brenda Della Casa is well known for having experienced personal hardship has a child. She was abused, abandoned and homeless. At the age of fourteen she was already working to create a life for herself. As a result of her hard work, Brenda has gone on to achieve great things as a journalist, author and media expert. She is extremely passionate about the advancement of women in the digital market and speaks regularly to audiences about digital strategies, content marketing and how to face adversity. By sharing her difficult story, Brenda has been able to empathise with many people who have struggled as she did. Moreover, she has been able to inspire millions of people worldwide, and do great work for the advancement of women in the workplace. For these reasons (and many others), Brenda has a place on my list of motivational speakers.


In summary, these two people are legends in the field of motivational speaking. Their ability to connect with audiences and empathise with them is what makes them so great. For more information about motivational speakers and to see more people who may feature on my list of speakers, contact bookings@biancamiller.uk or visit  www.biancamiller.uk .