17 Jun 2019

In the world of business and marketing, branding is critical for keeping your company relevant. That’s why it helps to know and understand critical brand terminologies and why they are important.

'time to work' sourced from Unsplash

‘time to work’ sourced from Unsplash LILY RUM-@RUMANDRAISIN

Without a doubt, everyone seeks to create a cool well-known and highly reputable brand. In this article, we will be looking at a few brand terminologies from A-Z, these are terms that every business must familiarize themselves with. These terms will help you to understand how business owners develop brands and how they, as a company can best market themselves to their target audience.


Anyone employed to represent or be the ‘face of your company’ is your brand ambassador. This person can be an employee within the company or may be an executive, social media influencer, customer representative or a salesperson.


There are many understandings about the term ‘brand’ but simply put, a brand can be explained as the combination of visible and intangible features to influence a specific group or create value for said audience. Companies use branding attributes such as logos, marks, names or phrases to make their products or services stand out from all others existing in the market.


With foreknowledge of what a brand is, branding could be said to be the process where the image of a business is unearthed and communicated to its target audience.

Brand Experience

The image imprinted on the minds of people invested in a company is known as the brand experience. There are two primary forms of experiences created in the mind of stakeholders: the uncontrolled and the controlled. The uncontrolled environment comprises of comments from the media and verbal communication from one customer to another. Some controlled experiences exist on websites, through advertising, from the use of products/services and the retail environment.

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