17 Jun 2019

Spending on brand marketing and public relations is not always easy to estimate. In addition, sales promotion and costing are not necessarily the classic core competencies of many business owners, as many come from backgrounds that have nothing to do with business administration. Therefore, when creating a brand strategy on a budget, there are many resources that can be utilized for success.

5 pounds sourced from Unsplash

5 pounds sourced from Unsplash PHILIP VEATER VIA UNSPLASH


It’s no doubt that many business owners want to spend as little money as possible on brand development, especially those that are startups. This may be due to financial restraints that make budget planning a challenge. But how do you set up a well-rounded brand marketing plan and budget quickly and efficiently? If you are running a branding campaign with a low budget, these are some of the tips that will help pull your business along a financially safe path.

1. Be Resourceful

Resourcefulness is the ability to find a way to achieve your goals when a little direction is available. It requires finding quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. To market your brand, you need to be resourceful, and you will also require the self-discipline to give you the belief that you can achieve great success.

Seek ways of identifying and overcoming obstacles and challenges within your organization. Use your resourceful skills to create innovative solutions in getting deals, gaining followers and growing sales to move your company forward. Resourceful people ask themselves the following questions:

Do I use the resources at my disposal?

Do I use the resources within or around my organization to find ways to succeed when there are shortcomings?

Do I see obstacles or setbacks and take them as mere temporal challenges?

How do I employ resourcefulness in tackling these obstacles?

2. Understand Yourself

The basic concept of branding is having a proper understanding of yourself and focusing such understanding towards developing your brand. You are a vital part of your branding strategy. The better you understand your value, goals, visions, the better the chances of your branding coming out successful. Your brand speaks better of you, so try to discover what drives you and gives you the inspiration to come up with ideas that are unique and worth introducing to the global market.

The process of making your brand stand out from other brands in your line of service should be taken into serious consideration, as you have many others to compete with.

3. Your Business Needs Good Branding

Your brand should be unique and outstanding, yet very simple and should encompass choosing a unique name, logo or slogan. Marketing your brand doesn’t mean you need to invest with a huge sum of money.

Good branding means giving your customers a finished product that will make them to further their interest in the business.

One very important part of branding is the logo. The logo is the facial identity of your product. It speaks about your product and is the visual representation of your business. It should be unique and be able to convey a message about your product. Logos can be created personally to save cost of employing a professional.


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