06 May 2020

Do you want to become a freelance voice over artist? It is a great side hustle or full-time passion if you have the voice for it. This blog will be a quick guide into getting started as a freelance voice talent artist.


The first thing when getting into freelance voice talent work is finding out if you have the voice and personality to do this kind of work. Sometimes those that may be unsure if they are fit for voice over acting, they will get screened by a professional voiceover training company. However, this is not mandatory especially if you want to be a freelance voice over talent. Many are attracted to providing freelance voice talent as it allows them to be completely independent as you can work as many hours as you want, giving you full flexibility as well as doing something you enjoy at the same time.


However, in order to actually make money from being a freelance voice talent you need to treat it like a business even though you work for yourself and make your own decisions. This means being disciplined with your time and knowing how to market yourself as a freelance voice talent artist so that you are seen by the appropriate people which will provide you with work. In order to be recognised more you want to take part in as many small projects to build up your portfolio of voice over talent samples. The best way in doing this signing up to several freelancing websites which allow you to create your own profiles, rates and descriptions so you are approached. Try taking on a range of different projects as this will allow you to show you are diverse in the range of voice over talent work you offer. Being a freelance voice talent also enables you the flexibility to take on the projects you want, that will help enhance your portfolio and land you a bigger voice over job in the future.


Many new voice over talent artists start of as freelance as you have more options and working for yourself is always a bonus! By doing a range of voice talent jobs, it will allow you to find your niche that you want to work on and become a professional in. You cannot expect overnight success, you need to be consistent and always work on your craft, developing your portfolio so it is filled with success!


You can get in touch with Bianca and her team by Email: bookings@biancamiller.uk  or Telephone: 02086679519