14 May 2021

Keynote speaker


Have you ever attended an event to listen to a keynote speaker? Or watched them online? If you haven’t then this is your sign to do so! A keynote speaker is someone that is an expert is their respective fields and can speak confidently and extensively on a particular topic or the industry that they are in. They provide guests with useful information and share their own experiences and knowledge.


  1. Baroness Karen Brady


Baroness Karen Brady, a keynote speaker who is one of the most powerful businesswomen in Britain. She is an award-winning motivational speaker that has made appearances in more than 30 countries and has addressed many different topics. She is very well known for being the ‘first woman in football’ as she became the managing director of Birmingham City FC at 23 years old and led to the clubs’ fortunes. She has many business achievements which has led to her winning multiple awards and is why so many people want to listen to her as a keynote speaker. She speaks about topics including entrepreneurial spirit, women in business and inspiring people.


  1. Ashley Banjo


Ashley Banjo is the founder and creator of Diversity dance group which is one of the most successful Britain’s Got Talent winning acts. The dance group won in 2009, under Ashley’s amazing leadership skills and continuous success. His motivational speeches as a keynote speaker include talking about leadership, talent management, innovation and creativity. His continuous ability to innovate is why he is so successful in his field and is a keynote speaker that helps inspire those around him.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging speaker in which she talks about different topics and inspires those around her. One of her keynote topics include ‘Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business’. This is where she speaks about how you can create revenue from your social media, how to effectively manage your time and how to sell, grow and collaborate. She is an extremely successful keynote speaker due to her successfully speaking about her passions and experiences, helping those around that need that initial push or encouragement. She has spoken at many different events and has received recognition for her talent time and time again.


A keynote speaker is able to captivate their audiences and their rich knowledge and advice helps push them in the right direction and leave their audiences feeling excited, motivated and learning something valuable.