14 May 2021

Women motivational speakers


As a woman, it is extremely beneficial listening to other women and their journey into how they became the successful woman they are today. This is why women motivational speakers are extremely popular and have left women in the room feeling excited, motivated and ready to begin their journey into success. There are many women motivational speakers that share their stories, give out useful advice and leave an impact on their audience. These women are from various business fields and show how anyone and everyone can make it through hard work, dedication and drive. These are just a few women motivational speakers that continue to share their words of wisdom and excel in what they do.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is one of the most successful women motivational speakers. She is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of The Be Group. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is also a motivational speaker in which she has successfully delivered many talks to different audiences sharing her knowledge on her keynote topics. As a motivational speaker, she has been able to share her knowledge on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up where she shares her from lessons that are also in her book, which explore the key steps and top tips into building your business from the start and how to build a successful credible online brand. She has been able to inspire and encourage those around her to start their own paths as entrepreneurs.


  1. Col Dame Kelly Holmes


Col Dame Kelly Holmes is another example of successful women motivational speakers as she shares her journey into how she was able to achiever he lifelong dream and is transparent in her exploration with her audiences. Col Dame Kelly Holmes is one of the UK’s most popular athletes and still holds the British records in the 800m and 1000m. She is an extremely successful woman that is seen as an inspiration and role model. In her motivational speeches, she explores her techniques that she learnt when training on the track and how that has helped her in all areas of life. Like many women motivational speakers, Col Dame Kelly Holmes is transparent in her journey and explores the hardship and disappointment she faced throughout her journey.


  1. Annabel Karmel


Annabel Karmel MBE is the UK’s Number 1 children’s cookery author, best-selling international author, a nutritional specialist and leading female entrepreneur. She began her business empire from preparing kid’s meals at her kitchen table to becoming the UK’s number 1 children’s cookery author. She is an inspirational role model for women as she speaks about all things business and inspires those to start their own businesses. This makes her one of the best women motivational speakers as she continues to share her words of advice into growing your own business empire.

These are just a few women motivational speakers that are excelling in their fields and building their empires. Their continuous successes motivate and inspire those around to pursue their careers.