31 May 2018

Empower img


I am excited to announce that today I was featured on FT’s EMpower List ! For my first time on the list, I entered at number 28 and as one of only two entrepreneurs on this list (I will be nominating some next year)! I am honestly honoured and proud to be sharing the list with some notable and amazing influencers / success stories in the BAME community.


I join 49 other high-performing and high-potential individuals across various industries in the UK championing Diversity and inclusion in the work place. You can read more about why I made the list here and of course read about the other fabulous people here: https://www.out-standing.org/empower/2018-top-50-ethnic-minority-future-leaders/


And the full list from the FT here: https://www.ft.com/content/d0c6d180-5f59-11e8-ad91-e01af256df68 and of course in the printed version of the paper today!


Thank you to Suki and the team at INvolve for pushing the diversity and inclusion agenda and for giving those on the list a chance to be noticed for the work that they do!