04 Feb 2019

A corporate speaker is one who delivers seminars and speeches at corporate events. A motivational speaker is one whose job it is to inspire and motivate people into living their best life and (or) change their life for the better. At first glance, it may seem that these two types of people will only have one thing in common – they both need to speak. However, the person who thinks this is mistaken, for they have not acknowledged the fact that both corporate and motivational speakers must organise, prepare and deliver presentations. The professions, therefore, do not just require speaking, but years of research, practice, linguistic development and so on and so forth. I would just like to highlight some of the common traits that both corporate and motivational speakers may share.


First of all, both corporate speakers and motivational speakers are performers. What I mean by this is that they must perform – via spoke word – to an audience in the hope that they can get their message across in the best and most effective way. This does not, however, require music, dance or any such performance art. Rather, it requires immense persuasive skills and a knowledge of the good or service, or message, that they are trying to promote. The best way of ensuring that this box is ticked is by meeting with the company owners or event organizers so that you can get an idea  of just who or what you will be talking to or about. This will allow you to personalize your talk in whichever way you feel best. The analogy I would use is an exam: a lack of preparation of material will make you feel out of place when you enter an exam hall. The same applies for a speaker: a lack of preparation i.e. not knowing who or what you are talking to and about will leave you in a tricky position.


Secondly, corporate and motivational speakers must both be able to sustain the attention of a crowd. This can come through knowing your audience, however the primary way of assuring this is by making sure that you have top quality content and lots of it. Personal anecdotes, comedic stories and regular summaries will ensure that you maintain your audience’s attention, whilst also allowing you an easy way to get your message across.


I hope that you can now see – if you could not already – the clear links between being a motivational speaker and being a corporate speaker. To get in touch or for more information on corporate speaking, motivational speaking and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .


02 Feb 2019

Corporate speakers are often highly sought-after individuals due to their ability to sell, inspire, motivate and entertain large audiences. Their infectious personalities make them excellent speakers because they are able to relate to audiences so easily. This is not, however, an innate skill (or at least I do not think it is!). Rather, it is the result of years of practice and market research; that is why corporate speakers are so good. It goes back to that age-old saying: to be the best, you have got to act like the best. This is certainly a common trait amongst corporate speakers, because they are truly hardworking, dedicated and amusing individuals who have an exceptional ability to entertain a crowd. How is it, though, that they are so good? What are the traits of the best corporate speakers? I think it is rather simple, and I would like to explore it in this post.


The first common trait amongst corporate speakers is a genuine passion for their field. Without this passion, the speakers would not half as good as they are. They have a genuine thirst for knowledge of the corporate world which makes them seem entirely in love with the idea of anything corporate. This is reflected in their presentations because they are able to present with enthusiasm, charisma and a genuine passion. This, in turn, will have a profound effect on any audience members because they will feel a strong connection with a speaker who is engaging and entertaining. As a result, they are highly likely to retain the information they have given, therefore making the presentation a success. Such easy success can stem from a simple thing – passion.


As well as being passionate, the best corporate speakers must be highly organised and time-aware. Being organised will allow them to produce concise and precise presentations which are tailored to all the needs, worries and questions that a consumer may have. Time-awareness means that they will never be running out of sync with their schedule, which allows them to be efficient and proactive. Of course, organisational skills are vital in any discipline; however, they are essential in the realm of corporate speakers because it can be such a demanding profession.


In summary, the legend of corporate speakers is an interesting tale which I recommend exploring. A rewarding, challenging and stimulating profession such as corporate speaking should be considered by one and all. To get in touch or for more information on corporate speaking and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .


02 Feb 2019

Conference speaking is an extremely rewarding profession because it is a proven way to enhance your brand profile. Not only can being a conference speaker improve your brand profile, but it can also make you more attractive to high-paying clients. If that is not enough motivation to be a conference speaker, then you may want to know that you also have the chance to inspire people through the message you deliver in a panel conversation or through your keynote speech, for example. How is it, then, that one can become a great conference speaker? Is it possible to be a great if you start from scratch? I believe that it is possible, however it requires lots of research and dedication to the profession. I believe, however, that this is an attainable goal and that everyone ought to give it a go. Let me now give you some tips and tricks which will boost your presence as a conference speaker.


The primary way of being the best possible conference speaker is to personalize your speeches and talks. It is vital that you know the general vibe of the conference, the audience that you will be talking to and your overall message. If you know these things, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed and this is what we want. WIthout this knowledge, you are, essentially, hindering your own success. I would highly recommend, therefore, researching who it is you are speaking for and who you are speaking to. Asking questions to the organizers is never a bad idea because it creates clarity which will allow you to deliver the best possible speech. To be a conference speaker, and a successful one at that, it is essential to be prepared and organised so that you can tick all of your necessary boxes.


My second tip is to ensure that you know how the day is going to function. Whether you prepare a lot or very little just before the speech, it is essential to know when you are going to be presenting so that you can get you can get into the right mental headspace. This will allow you clarity and calmness when you do speak, so it means that you are giving yourself the best possible chance of succeeding. A simple tip, but a vital one should you wish to avoid confusion and chaos.


In sum, I would recommend being as prepared as possible when you are a conference speaker. Knowing the finest of details will help you massively, so do not be afraid to ask about them. To get in touch or for more information on how to be a conference speaker or Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .


30 Jan 2019

A speakers bureau is an organisation who are involved with providing speakers for clients for events, conferences or charity functions. The types of speakers can include motivational speakers, keynote speakers, conference speakers and so on. Speakers bureaus are often involved with providing clients with the correct style of speaker that they may need for an event. Essentially, the bureau acts as a “middle man” between a client and a speaker. The London Speaker Bureau is a group who act as a global resource and provide clients with keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisers. Let us now explore the work that the London Speaker Bureau does for its clients.


The London Speaker Bureau is a special organization because it offers speakers from a vast array of categories. The London Speaker Bureau offers speakers for the following categories: Business and Management, Future and Technology, Government and Politics, Leadership and Motivation and many more. Despite this only being a small portion of the categories that they cover, I think it is is impressive to see a group which offers such a wide array of speakers to cover so many different topics. As speakers bureaus go, The London Speaker Bureau is certainly ranked as one of the best due to its ability to provide speakers for almost any event. I would just like to explore some of the work that their speakers do to show you just how good they are.


The London Speaker Bureau offer services from Alain Robert – the world’s leading free climber who has climbed over 70 skyscrapers without ropes! Known to many as “the French Spiderman”, this man is a renowned speaker on the topic of motivation. I am sure you can imagine the motivation and courage required to ascend a building such as The Burj Khalifa, so to have Alain Robert as a resource to explain his journey is quite phenomenal. I, for one, am truly inspired by his work and have been enthralled by the stories of his climbs up some of the world’s largest buildings. The fact that The London Speaker Bureau offers his service is quite remarkable and reflects just how high calibre their speakers are.


In sum, the London Speaker Bureau is a world-class company who offer the services of many inspirational characters who have led some extraordinary lives. They are, in my opinion, a truly excellent corporation due to the fact that they have so many speakers who are able to cover so many different topics. To get in touch or for more information on speakers bureaus and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .

30 Jan 2019

In a world which is pushing for equal rights between men and women, it is vital to acknowledge the achievements of female motivational speakers because they are truly phenomenal. Many female motivational speakers go unnoticed, but I believe that this is a great evil because it deprives the world of some great speakers with even greater messages. Female motivational speakers are able to inspire millions of people, in particular young generations of women who are aspiring business women, entrepreneurs and so on. I feel extremely lucky to have experienced some of the great work  of female motivational speakers because they have taught me so much about resilience, being motivated and working extremely hard. My favourite female motivational speakers would have to be: Molly Fletcher and Mel Robbins. Both women are exceptional speakers who are giants in the realm of motivational speaking. Let me now explain what these two women have taught me.


Molly Fletcher is one of the most famous female motivational speakers because of her ability to produce engaging and awe-inspiring content. Molly Fletcher has produced many keynote and motivational speeches pertaining to leadership, business development and peak performance. Molly shares a very personal message about what she has learned as a sports agent via a 5-step process which she believes will many people to unleash their full potential and achieve greatness. One of Molly’s mottos is that we must be “fearless at work”. Being comfortable does not allow you to achieve greatness, therefore you must be fearless and step outside of your comfort zone in order to experience new things and move closer to success. Molly has inspired me to work hard and step out of my comfort zone which I have truly found to be invaluable advice.


Mel Robbins is a superb speaker who uses a similar 5-step plan to that of Molly Fletcher. Mel is an excellent speaker because she is super relatable. She is able to show empathy towards her audiences which allows her to create a personal relationship from the beginning of a presentation. Mel Robbins has a very simple message: you need to know how to push yourself. The power of a “push moment” is so intense that it can have profound effects on the way in which you live your life. For this reason, Mollie is a truly inspiring speaker.


As female motivational speakers go, these two are legends. I would highly recommend listening to them speak so that you can be inspired by their greatness. To get in touch or for more information on female motivational speakers and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .

28 Jan 2019

When I think of great motivational speakers I think of the following people: Eric Thomas, Debra Searle, Martin Luther King Jr and many many more. These great motivational speakers have inspired millions of people globally and brought about great amounts of social, mental and political change. Being a great, however, does not always require you to inspire millions, for you could have a life changing effect on a small proportion of people and still be considered as one the great motivational speakers of all time. My question is: How does one go about becoming one of the great motivational speakers? Is it possible for anyone to do it? To answer the latter question I would say it is possible; all it takes is dedication, charisma and resilience. I have studied many a motivational speaker and learned a multitude of lesson from them. Not only have I learned how to lead a better life, but I have also learned how to be a better motivational speaker. Let me share some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up.


The first thing that I have learned from many of the great motivational speakers is how to be charismatic. A lot of great motivational speakers have excellent stage presence which can well and truly inspire and entertain a crowd. However, this is not always such an easy thing for people to do, because for some people such excitedness does not come naturally. These individuals, however, deliver charismatic presentations through their tone of voice and subtle use of linguistic devices. Some of the greatest motivational speakers are able to have subtle changes in the tone of their voice to emphasise certain lines. Moreover, they are able to pause at just the right time to allow their audience time to reflect and think actively. One of my favourite speakers is Martin Luther King Jr because his tone and language was particularly inspiring for me.


The second thing that I have learned is that to be considered as a great motivational speaker you need a clear and consistent message. You musn’t waver from this message because this message is what will bring you success and allow you to help others. This message should be precise and clear, but, above all, this message should reflect the steps you have taken to succeed in life.


In summary, these two tips of mine should help anyone on their path to becoming motivational speakers. I highly recommend watching videos of some of the greats just so that you can get a feel of what they do that is so awe-inspiring. To get in touch or for more information on motivational speaking and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .

28 Jan 2019

Motivational speakers have influenced my life in a multitude of ways. They have, for example, taught me how to set realistic goals so that I can enjoy success in all that I do. Moreover, they have taught me to chase my dreams and work hard to achieve them. I owe a lot to motivational speakers, in particular to some black motivational speakers who have had profound effects on the way in which I conduct myself. The following black motivational speakers are ones who I have really enjoyed listening to: Iyanla Vanzant and Daymond John. These two black motivational speakers reign supreme as two of the leading figures in the world of motivational speaking. Let me now explain the reasons that I find these two black motivational speakers so good.


Daymond John is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I have come across. As well as being an entrepreneur, he is a critically acclaimed author, television personality and (of course) black motivational speaker. His message is very clear and easy to understand – in order to be successful, you must work extremely hard and persevere even when it does not feel like you should. By telling his “rags-to-riches” story, Daymond is able to inspire and teach many potential entrepreneurs; his charismatic and entertaining style of speaking is easily accessible and truly does make you want to work as hard as you possibly can. For more information on the work of Daymond John, I would recommend visiting his website: https://daymondjohn.com/ – it is truly worth visiting if you are interested in just what Daymond does and has done on his journey to success.


Iyanla Vanzant is an incredible woman – it is that simple. Throughout her career she has done many wonderful things – she has, for example spent time as an inspirational speaker, author, lawyer, television personality and life coach. This list of accomplishments is not even the full thing! She too has not had an easy life; however, she is dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of the human consciousness. She is a fiery and outspoken individual who is delivers a message which is orientated around love, forgiveness and living one’s best life. She is truly inspiring, and should you wish to find out more you could research her show “Iyanla: Fix My Life”.


These are just two examples of black motivational speakers who have been successful. They are embodiments of hard-working and resilient individuals who have achieved greatness through years of dedication. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole and motivational speaking, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk

26 Jan 2019

A short list of motivational speakers is a hard thing to create purely because there are so many good motivational speakers. Just so I don’t hurt any feelings, I thought that I ought to explain the reasoning behind my list of motivational speakers. The people on my list of motivational speakers have been chosen because they are my personal favourites. The reason they are my favourites is because of the message that they promote. Most of the people on my list promote that we all have the capacity to be successful; however, in order to be highly successful we must change our mindsets, set goals and work extremely hard. The reason that I have chosen people like this for my short list of motivational speakers is because I feel that we should all aim to achieve the aforementioned criteria so that we can be successful. The easiest way to achieve the criteria for success is by listening to what these geniuses have to say.


My list is as follows:

  1. Debra Searle
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Eric Thomas
  4. Nick Vujicic
  5. Brenda Della Casa


These five legends feature on my list of motivational speakers due to the amounts of hardship that they have experienced through their lives. Brenda, for example, was abused and homeless which forced her to work from the age of 14. Nick Vujicic also has faced hardship and has managed to lead a successful life without limbs! The other three have experienced similar difficulties, however each and every one of them has had the courage to share their stories so that they can help those who are struggling with their own troubles. Never once have these speakers placed themselves on a pedestal; they have always been empathetic towards their audiences which has made them extremely successful.


Another reason for my admiration of this people is because of their amazing ability to bring light to situations which are somewhat dark. Debra Searle, for example, has managed to entertain people with the story of her rowing adventure across the Atlantic. On the surface this may seem just like a regular sporting adventure, however the mental toughness and exhaustion that this would have needed and caused is incomprehensible. For Brenda to share it in such a light-hearted and often comedic manner is gratitude to her excellent skills as a motivational speaker.


I admire the work of Tony and Eric purely because it is so simple, yet effective, The same applies to all of these legendary speakers and that is why they feature on my list of motivational speakers. To get in touch or for more information on motivational speaking or Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk

26 Jan 2019

Planning any event is stressful. This is especially true when a speaker is involved, as you are placing the attention of your guests into the hands of one person, generally skilled in the art of communication and who has the capacity to manipulate the audience (your guests) into thinking a certain way.  Two things are paramount when booking a guest speaking: context and aims. I will elaborate on these two things later, but let me stress the benefit hiring a speaker at an event can have. Just as event speakers have the capacity to turn your guests off, they also can do the opposite that is hopefully more often the case. If anybody reading this now is wondering whether to get an event speaker for your event – do it, but take on board these view bits of advice first.

We can all agree inviting a comedian to a funeral is probably a bad idea. Similarly, a religious preacher at a kid’s birthday party would be inappropriate and distasteful. Both examples here display a complete ignorance of context – a key part of any event that any good planner has complete grasp of. No speaker is the same just as no event is the same, and it is crucial, albeit difficult, to find the correct speaker for your unique event. Like an enzyme to its active site, the ideal speaker slides comfortably into the hole designated for the event speaker at your function. Their speech fits suitably into the order of proceedings, and the common themes expressed by both the event speaker and your event in general are shared. The message delivered is no surprise to the audience, as they expect an acknowledgement of theme within the event. To take the above examples, the comedian would not echo the sadness and mourning of a funeral.

This example shows an ignorance of the emotion involved in an event. In the second example, there will be a total lack of understanding on the children’s part, demonstrating a lack of appreciation for the audience-speaker relation.

The second key concept when choosing and event speaker is aims. What do you want your speaker to achieve? What do you want your audience to get out of their experience with your chosen event speaker? These two very important questions can make or break your event, as we have all sat through a totally uninfluencial and uninspiring speech with no particular message or aim – there is truly nothing worse! Therefore, keep in mind what an event speaker claims they will achieve, and measure up their aim with yours. If they are shared: fantastic. If they are not do not worry, there are thousands of event speakers out there and even if at first glance they do not fit there is also scope for adjustment and compensation between both parties.

To conclude an event speaker is a role not to be underestimated at a function. The context of the event and aim of the speaker are two fundamental factors to be considered when choosing event speakers, and when chosen right can really make an evening. To get in touch about event speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.

24 Jan 2019

Professional speaking is a growing profession which is becoming all the more competitive. There are lots of individuals who are realising their potential as professional speakers. As well as this, they are finally getting over the fear of speaking to a large audience. The most successful professional speakers, in my opinion, are those who can speak on a vast array of topics. This, however, requires years of training and research, because without the knowledge, a speaker’s presentation is going to lack useful content. To be a successful, therefore, professional speakers must dedicate their lives to their trade. Two professional speakers who  i truly admire are Alain de Botton and Caprice Bourret. Both speakers are very knowledgeable about their field and have had great success as a result. Let us now explore the work that they do in order to understand how they have grown to be such successful professional speakers.


Alain de Botton is a renowned philosopher, author and speaker. He writes about a vast array of topics such as love, relationships and travelling. Alain de Botton is also the co-founder of the School of Life – an educational company which gives advice on a wide range of life issues. As a speaker he focuses on creating “a kinder, gentler philosophy of success”. His ability to connect with his audiences is exceptional; he is able to convey his messages with empathy and lighten the mood (if needed) with humour. Moreover, his ability to convey clear messages about complex topics such as emotions, the human condition and philosophy of life is what makes him stand out as a professional speaker. Alain de Botton is a knowledgeable and precise speaker whose words always tend to have a profound effect on an audience.


Caprice Bourret is an expert in customer service and retail management. As well as this, she is a renowned model and business owner. She speaks well about business management, marketing and business innovation. Her experience allows her to talk from an informed perspective therefore meaning that she is able to give invaluable advice to anyone who is thinking of joining the business world. Her incredible knowledge is what makes her such an inspirational professional speaker. People ought to look at her techniques of speaking, especially if they are interested in business and marketing.


In summary, Caprice Bourret and Alain de Botton are definitely two professional speakers to keep an eye out for. I would certainly recommend adopting their techniques if you are looking to enter the world of professional speaking. To get in touch or for more information on professional speaking and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk ,call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk