11 Feb 2019

As we all know, society was dominated by men for many years. The patriarchal dominance within society is, arguably, still present; however, we can see that more and more women are receiving equal treatment. More women are succeeding in high-end businesses, more women are succeeding in governmental positions and more women are succeeding as motivational […]

09 Feb 2019

Everytime I come to make a compilation list of the best motivational speakers I always start out with some rudimentary requirements. I always think to myself “what is it that makes a good motivational speaker?” In my opinion, to be considered as one of the best motivational speakers, one would need to have a clear […]

07 Feb 2019

Have you ever noticed how certain terms just get thrown around when nobody really understands them? I can certainly say that I have been guilty of and on the receiving end of such actions. This issue is particularly prevalent in the field of motivational speaking and happens quite often with the term “speaking agency”. A […]

23 Nov 2018

What Makes the Best Keynote Speakers? Want to be one of the best keynote speaker? If so, here are a few tips that will help:   Knowledge of subject matter Best keynote speakers usually have a range of subjects they specialize in. Some good best keynote speakers such as Bianca Miller, specialise in branding and […]

21 Nov 2018

Best inspirational speakers Many people with good leadership skills use professional support to learn the fine art of free speech and to appear in politics and business. In order to find the right words and to give them even more meaning through appropriate body language, they work daily on their speaking practice and perfect it […]

30 May 2018

On Wednesday 9th May 2018 Bianca Miller-Cole was the keynote speaker for Accenture’s Afro-Caribbean Event. The Luncheon took place with many prominent BAME Figures from within the company attending the event. Bianca spoke about her journey from University to now detailing her business journey and experience, the blood sweat and tears that went into making […]